No time alone ! Help!

Hi all! Need some advice … since March everyone is home ALL the time! I’m new to the practice so it takes me time to set up and such, I’d rather be home alone so I don’t get disturbed. Anyone else have this problem since COVID?


I have at least 1 person with me at the house at all times. It’s been rare, but lately, I have had some time to myself at home. I used to have to lock the door and tell them that I need a moment or give them a time when I would be available. I had to do it for my own sanity. I do my zoom and phone appointments in my car because there are people everywhere it seems some days.


@Nadialuna If you can take time and take a bath alone, that can be a peaceful time. :bath: For many people the bathroom is the only privacy they have!

But you don’t really need any special space for practices like prayer, visualization, and meditation. Try to simplify your ritual practice until you get comfortable. Do a simple candle lighting ritual with a guided meditation.

For example, I shared a few ideas for practicing “in the broom closet” here:


Hi there @Nadialuna. Ohhh my goodness, yes! I think I may know how you feel. I am a single mother and now with this distance learning I’ve kind of gotten thrown into teaching my little monster (he’s 6) full-time. We are literally together 24/7.
Now don’t get me wrong, I love being around him all the time; however, sometimes I feel like I’m lacking something in my worship. The Goddess has blessed me with the unimaginable. Sometimes I just feel like she deserves so much more of my attention.
One of my biggest problems I encounter is a seemingly incurable sense of fatigue (with a mind of its own). Do you ever feel so exhausted when you finally have the time to give to your higher power? If anyone knows what I am talking about and has any remedies or suggestions… Feel free to tell me your secrets :joy_cat:



Hi Nadia!

I know the feeling- and it looks like you’ve got some great advice here already! I also agree that making your own time- whether locking the door or having a personal bath- are good ways to carve out some time for yourself, in your own space :grin:

If you find that you don’t have anywhere that you can set up a ritual or altar, no fear! For those of us with limited space, resources, and time- you can always retreat to your Inner Temple :hindu_temple: . There’s a great post about it here:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkling_heart:


I hope your son is having a nice start to the school year and enjoying his classes :books::blush: I can imagine you are one very busy mother, @sheena! No wonder you are experiencing some fatigue. I would recommend the same strategies listed above- about trying to carve out time for yourself to rest and recover. Using the Inner Temple strategy, and perhaps also trying some journaling and meditation? :open_book: :woman_in_lotus_position:

Journalling is a great way to organize your thoughts and spend some relaxing and rejuvenating time in your own mind. There is actually a brand new Spells8 course Book of Mirrors: The Witches’ Development Journal that talks more about the benefits of journaling and how it can help your practice :blue_book:

Meditating is a great way to enhance your practice- you could even do a meditation on the Goddess to help you connect with Her! :woman_in_lotus_position:. Meditating has a host of mental and health benefits too- altough it can be tricky to get started. Here are few resources in the forums that might inspire you!

Good luck, Sheena! I hope you can find a way to practice while balancing (and maybe even helping) your fatigue! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


The inner temple is one of the best ideas for you if you can’t get away for long. I know it can be hard to do at first but it’s totally worth it. Shower time/bath time is a great time to practice.

Another idea is, depending on ages and if you’re in the broom closet, inviting the household to participate with you. Each person can play a part and add to the experience. I know this doesn’t fix the alone time issue but it helps with giving you time for your practice.

Finally, if taking the time to set up is an issue, you can try setting up a small permanent altar on a wall, (using shelves), in a bookcase, pantry, or using a shelf where dishes should. Then you have access to the altar at any moment you get free.

To answer your question, yes, since covid my house is constantly full. Since my incident in the hospital I’ve been “babysat” 24/7 to make sure I’m okay. I had to invite my wife and two of my kids to start worshipping the Goddess with me just so I had time to do it. They usually sit back and play on their phones quietly so I’m not disturbed and enter the circle during my final spell.


Wow ! This is fantastic! Ok this I can do , we’ll try to anyway! Thanks everyone!


Well that sounds quite lovely!! Do you invite them into your circle?

One thing I like to do if I’m with other people (who are interested) is a quick cone of power: Hold hands for 3 breaths, then each rub their hands to build up some energy, and finally build a ball of energy that goes up (all lifting hands) releasing the energy into the Universe, and trying to feel it all the way through.


Have you been getting enough sleep? It seems like that might be it!!

Anxiety also can cause fatigue. Getting stress off your back in whatever way you choose may also help. Make some time for yourself and take a long bath, follow along a guided meditation such as those in apps like Calm and Headspace.


Yes. When I’m done with my spell work I invite them into the circle to do a final prayer to the Goddess. They’ve helped with the candles and my youngest has started collecting things for his own altar. Everyone takes my tarot reading seriously and they never touch my cards when they are out.

Overall, after they got over the “weirdness” factor, they’ve been very supportive. Honestly, spell work is like prayers, candle magic is practiced in high church denominations in Christianity, and tarot and scrying are similar to the Urim and Thummim from early Judaism. When they figured all of this out they realized Wicca is like any other faith and they weren’t weirded out anymore. My wife even bought me a while new candle set because I was getting low in the other set.

I don’t want to derail this conversation, though. Covid has changed how we interact with our households and with our higher powers. Finding personal time is important and showers/baths are usually a good time alone. Having an altar in a closet or shelf keeps items away from small kids and pets and allows a quick fix for the worshipper.


Since I have to live in a nursing home I NEVER get alone time. If I’m in my room, my roommate is always there talking loud enough that I can hear her over a tv, I can’t go to any other room here because every room has at least one person in it. So I get no quiet time or personal time. GRRRR…


Sorry to hear that, @nicki1- it’s tough to not have any alone time! In that kind of scenario, the Inner Temple :hindu_temple: might be your best chance to find some inner sanctuary where you can do your magick.

Good luck, Nicki! :pray: