Not any feedback or an announcement

Meery Meet Friends, I have been having trouble trying to leave a comment every week as I have forgotten how to or the forum just doesnt like me . HaHa So my apologies for leaving it in this category but its the only one that shows up. Anyway, I,m here all the time just cant seem to leave a reply or anything else. With that…poof!!!


Hello @FlagrumThorn,

Apologies for any difficulties you are experiencing- thank you for bringing it to our attention!

Certain features in the forum can change depending on current membership status and parts of the forum will become locked if there was an issue with renewing. One of those features is replying to topics in the forum- however, replies in a private message are still possible, so we can continue this discussion there and figure out exactly what is going on.

Regardless of what the reason is, we will get to the bottom of what is happening with your account and try our best to resolve it :blush: :+1:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This issue will be continued to be addressed in a private message until the cause is found and the issue is resolved.