Noticing Your Helpers

A guided meditation with my friend Christopher Buckner


Oh my! Iove :heart: your guided meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: for these things that align with what I am doing & going through. I can’t wait to do this one later this afternoon. I think I found a helper, well, my daughter did & then gave it to me. It feels positive & protective… it’s a rock that has a naturally made hole about halfway through the stone… almost like a hag stone, just the hole isn’t all the way through. So I’m going to be connecting with that today at some point, maybe I can hold it during this meditation! :revolving_hearts:

Actually this morning, the first thing I did after my husband left for work was “Connect with the Morrigan” then your transformation with the Morrigan guided meditation adapted from Tara Reynolds. I can’t tell you in words how much better I feel that I carved out time & went through the ritual & then meditation. I also pulled a card from her oracle deck of mine to ask her for any messages she may still have for me. The energy within me, my home, & surrounding my home shifted & is so much lighter & just overall feels so much better. I added it to my written book of recipes & things that I am passing on or using myself for things that I have done or made that work for me. So I wanted to properly thank you for all the work that you do & how well they align with my practice. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is such a good guided meditation! I will add it to my…list? Collection? One of those words is the right one lol I think this would be a good one to do with my daughter, too. Thank you for this!


Thank you so much! Glad you enjoy!!!