November 18th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

“I am learning, healing, and growing

every single day. It’s a gradual process

that I have full faith in.”

~ Shawn Fontaine


I just realized this today after I did my tarot pull and read the cards. I have full faith in the universe, it’s the waiting that I’m struggling with right now. I am learning though and doing a lot of healing. It’s taking time, but I have to go through what I need to, so I am ready for the next chapter.

Thank you as always! :heart:


Yes the waiting. It’s anxiety, too. I know! Try and meditate, journal or just ground yourself. Definitely message me if you want to!


Thank you! My journal is getting quite the workout. I was in it all day yesterday. It was a hard day, very draining. I did take an extra long shower yesterday and just stood under the water. It feels so good and it clears my energy for a little while. I will message you if it gets too tough today, but I have some things to keep me busy today. I’m hoping it works. I have my CT at noon, so we’ll see what that says.


Ok sounds like a plan! At least you’ll stay busy.