October 5th Daily Affirmation

Message to self:

“What’s meant for me is entering

my life. I let go of what requires me

to force and stress. I vow to go with

the flow, and I am putting my energy

into things that feel right.”

~ Shawn Fontaine

This had to be written for me in mind. I stress a lot about getting things done whether it’s housework or homework. I’m going to be focusing my energy on what’s important and not somebody’s bad attitudes and complaining. That person holds me up. I’m protecting and shielding my aura.


It resonates with me the same way. It’s time for me and for me to be happy. I just need to be patient for this hearing on the 28th. It’s coming & I will be better for it. I have learned a lot this last year. It’s time for things to start coming together.


I couldn’t have read this than today! Very much needed as I feel my energy and mind scattered EVERYWHERE and feeling out of control. Thank you!


I’m glad I shared it with you! :blush: My energy has been scattered as well. :roll_eyes: And @krissie117 I do hope things will come together like a puzzle and fit neatly for you!