Odd Question About A Grave

I visit my dad grave quite often. I haven’t been since January of this year. Mostly because if work and covid.

Today is his death anniversary and we went to visit his grave. Since Jan his grave has sunk in dramatically. No other graves are like this.

I tried calling the caretaker but no one answered and I left a message.

Not asking a spiritual or witchcraft reason. Just wondered if anyone has ever seen this before. He has been here for 22 years so it’s just odd that it’s happening now.


I’m assuming he wasn’t buried with his casket in a concrete liner casket. In my state CA, this is mandatory. Or if he was, the liner has failed. This is the normal breakdown and compacting of the remains. Nothing to worry about.


Is it possible to have the caretakers put more dirt on top and level the earth so it looks like the other graves or will it just continue to happen?

I do not know much about his burial procedure the girl he was married to for a very short time had him buried in one of her family’s plots and didn’t let us children have any say. This was an unfortunate legal issue we had to deal with. The spouse can make all final decisions, but we won’t go there. She hasn’t been around since he was put in the ground. We maintain the grave and put the headstone down.

Either way it’s not that big of a deal I just didn’t want it to end up being a giant hole.


I’m so sorry that this is happening. I’m not sure how I would handle this concern. I’d just keep up with the caretaker! Well, I wish you get some answers from this matter!

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Hello Dear, do not worry, graves have a tendency to sink, he is not sinking but the dirt on top is. He is in a sealed concrete liner, so all is fine. When they re-cover the grave site, after wards, they sometimes do not put enough dirt on it. The best way to combat that is to compact it, but families would surely have a fit if equipment were on top of the grave.
The Cemetary may or may not add dirt to it, but if they do, they usually use a sod cutter, cut off the grass in rolls, add dirt and replace the grass. They also may have a certain time they do this, like every two years or so.

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