Office Witch? How to do spells when stuck at my desk

I used to work in an office and had a rotation of funny cups. My Monday cup simply said “Nope”. I had another that says “I’m not responsible for the faces I make when you are talking.”


@chaitea43, Sorry I’m late to the party here, but I will tell you what I did for decades at work - also everyone’s suggestions above are terrific!!!

Written spells and drawn sigils are some of the most powerful magic out there! You can start with something simple like the classic “Abracadabra” charm or Sator square, or create your own - there is an app that also will draw a sigil for you!

Use Plants! This is a particularly discreet one, since everyone loves a plant! You can even combine plant magic with kitchen witchery and grow your own herbs for cooking! There are tons of suggestions for working with your leafy familiars in the Plant Magic Workbook by Salem local Cheryl Rafuse.

Plants are great protectors too, and can help absorb and transform negative energy that comes your way. The Earth is a great recycler and knows what to do with it. This can be particularly helpful for folks dealing with intolerant family or a work situation. Luckily, some of the most protective plants are also the easiest to care for: cacti to the rescue!

Also, food and beverages are a great offering to your guides and ancestors, and you can play with numerology by stirring a special number of times, or in a particular direction. According to some traditions, stirring clockwise, or towards your body, is for bringing in energy and counter-clockwise, or away from your body, is for banishing/cleansing.

Do not forget your car if you drive one into work to have crystals and other things you can swap out based on your needs and purposes. Any spell you think you need can also be done at home and will work for purposes at work, or use a spell jar and keep it in your purse. Happy Office Witching!! :green_heart: