Ok, this is a bit funny... 🤣 but I have a question

So, the full moon is supposed to be October 20th, but I could see a bright full moon tonight (GMT+3). It’s cloudy and the moon is hiding but it’s beautiful regardless :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So I decided to make some full moon water. I live in an apartment, so no way I could leave it in my backyard, so I used my balcony window sill to put the bowl, and I am planning to leave it out there for a few hours.

Now the funny part… So, as I was saying my intention to the moon tonight, my cat decided she wanted to drink some water and, of course, instead of drinking from her own bowl, she went to the “to-be” moon water bowl :rofl:

Will that affect my moon water in any way (because she drank from it)? Will it be okay if I just moved the bowl to my kitchen window? Or should I use new water completely?


Hee! Cats will do the funniest things, including drinking water from a bowl they’re not supposed to.

I would get new water unless you’re going to use that water for Cat Magic of some sort. But that’s just me. Let’s see what everyone else says.


I think you have 2 more full moon days. I’d redo your moon water unless the bacteria introduced by your cat may prove useful. :crazy_face:


Egyptians consider their cats sacred, in another word, what harm it can be done to the moon water? None.
The water is as good as for whatever used you’re planning with it.


I don’t know I just wanna see the responses. But that’s funny :joy:


I agree! I don’t think the cat wanted to ruin your water. Remember that what matter is the intention, so whatever feels right for you.


@Peridot i think I would just put out a fresh bowl of water lol. It most likely won’t hurt anything to use the cat moon water but you would be thinking about the cat every time you used it :joy:. I have animals too and a ton of critters outside so I add a pinch of salt to my moon water. The animals won’t drink it and I don’t have to worry about it.


Ah the pinch of salt. Turning it into a Holy Water / Moon Water combination - nice!


@Temujin_Calidius salt purifies so I figure you can’t go wrong with it lol. And as a bonus even the birds won’t drink it.


I think you moon water would be very CATching


Only reason I mention holy water is thats essentially how it is made. Water with a pinch of salt and a blessing.

Having moon water turned into holy water is even more special :slight_smile:

I have a bowl I use as I enter my ritual room for this kind of water. Before opening the chamber ceremony and before rituals.



It is according to what you intend to use the moon water for. If you are using it for things that do not involve consuming the water you should be fine. I do like the idea that you should use it for pet involved magic. Have you declared your cat your familiar or have you been open to accepting new deities? Maybe they are trying to tell you something?


Hahaha @Peridot what a cat-nundrum to be in! :joy_cat: Thanks for making me smile with this one- it is funny, but it’s a great question too! :+1:

A few people have mentioned that it’s the intention that matters, and I totally agree! I think you can still go ahead and use the ah, sampled moon water for whatever you were originally intending.

That being said- we leave moon water out to absorb energies, and this moon water was interfered with- it’s safe to say that while it was being slurped down by your furry friend it also absorbed some additional energy of the feline kind :black_cat::laughing:

@Amethyst suggested working some Cat Magick- I agree that that would be a great idea! Moon water with a cat’s “blessing” would be a great offering to Bast as well. Any magick relating to animals, the wild, or nature could also likely benefit from your enhanced moon water as well :national_park:

I just wouldn’t suggest using the catty moon water in any cosmetic or edible products (mainly for bacteria and health reasons).

I’m sure you’ll find a wonderful use for your new moon water, Peridot- enjoy it! :sparkles::grin:


Interesting you should mention that @heather28! I didn’t declare my cat as my familiar, but I am definitely drawn to Egyptian mythology. Also lately, I have been seeing Ankh and Ra, I can’t say they’re signs yet as I’ve only seen them a couple of times, but maybe you’re on to something :slight_smile: Thanks for mentioning that!

@Amethyst she always does that LOL

@Mark01 I do have at least another full moon night tonight, so I might just use another bowl, thanks :slight_smile:

@pedros10 that’s a good point. Like I mentioned, I feel drawn to Egyptian mythology lately.

@christina4 she does the funniest things :rofl:

@RyuWyn I think the intention is everything, but like @crystal24 said, I would be thinking about my cat every time I want to do something with the water. In fact, when I put out the bowl last night as I was saying my intention, when she started drinking from it, I started laughing :rofl:

@Temujin_Calidius That’s a beautiful bowl and cloth! Love them!

I really love the idea of putting salt in it. I learn new things every day on this wonderful forum :slight_smile: Thanks @crystal24

@NoName I hope it CATches my intentions and brings them to me hahahaha

@BryWisteria glad I made you smile hahaha :slight_smile:

So, what I guess I will do is just make another bowl tonight. Then I will use the water I already have to water my plants :slight_smile: That way, I won’t completely waste it. Thank you all for your opinions and advice :heart:


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