Old Arrowheads Found

Blessings everyone! How is everyone’s day going? I have spent my Saturday doing some much needed organizing. During my adventure, I happened across a box that belonged to my grandfather. He has been gone from the physical earth for quite some time now. Anyway, I found this old bag full of stone arrowheads. They really are quite remarkable, but I have no idea what kinds of stones they are. If anyone wants to take a look and tell me what they think of them, I would greatly appreciate it. There were also some polished, black stones with them, but I dont think its obsidian. Thanks for the help!


Not sure about the arrowheads, usually they’re flint. Are the stones clearish when you put them to light? I think that would be Apache Tears.


I think they are the prettiest arrowheads I have ever seen. Could the black ones be hematite or onyx? Oh, you lucky girl!


Your black stones are beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Not sure though on the arrow heads but looking on the black shinny stones that you have there I will have to go with onyx as @Garnet suggested.


The arrowheads are definitely jasper because I have some of the same. The other stones, if they’re not black obsidian then they very well could be onyx but I have a hunch some are obsidian. Those are all beautiful :star_struck:


Omg what a find :heart_eyes: they are stunning :heart: