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Hello my spiritual family. I am super curious on everyone’s option . I am huge with the moon cycle follow my walk around it. However I live where we are covered in thick hazardous smoke from all the fires like the sun can’t even shine through. What are your thought on doing any type of charging anything under the thick blanket of this? I know and have been following my gut but really curious on others thoughts… do you practice ritual as normal or does the heavy of death and devestion change that for you?


Greetings @amy3,

Usually, I would say that you can absolutely charge with the moon’s energy even when you can’t see it- I strongly believe that during the full moon, the air itself is imbued with the moon’s energy :full_moon:

However the thick blanket of smog adds something serious to this scenario :worried: . Others may have differing opinions, but I feel that anything you leave out in the smoke will take on not only its cloying and suffocating energy, but could potentially ruin your witchy tools. This is especially true for any cloth or fabric :tshirt: and herbs/potions :herb: you leave out.

But even if you decide that your current situation isn’t ideal for charging, you can absolutely still cast spells. Here’s a Cooling Meditation you could try, as well as suggestions for Fire Protection :shield:

Please stay safe, Amy! I keep seeing the fires on the news- it’s a truly devastating situation. Praying for the health and safety of you and your loved ones affected by the fires :pray:


So feel the same smoke the air during a stormy clouds full a diffrent energy but this smoke carries such a heavy thick devastating Sadness I don’t want that engry for sure… but yes still cleanse within my house. As soon as the air cleared yesterday every window open put house fan on the blow it all out. This has been an open debate in my area. I feel mother nature is truly pissed and is cleansing out ground but a weird vibe right now. We are about an 45 minute of 2 huge fires right now. It intense


Like @TheTravelWitch mentions, you could still feel the energy through clouds and smoke. It may be hazardous to leave your tools outside. I suggest that you could always place them in a windowsill. It’s completely your option. But I’ve said to someone else that you, yourself could feel the moons energies indoors so why can’t your tools energies? Either way, I hope you have cleared air soon!!


Hi Amy, I also live in an area where wildfire smoke is common during this time of the year. It’s terrible!

I suggest getting an air purifier for your health, and avoiding any ritual work outside. Last week my only spellwork was calling forth the spirit of Air to blow away this blanket of smoke, however I typically use incense for Air, but I wasn’t going to light any more fires or smokes inside. Energy work was good enough for the time being.

Last year I was so grateful when the sun came back that I made this post to thank the sun :sun:


Trust me I have a home filtration system and change the filters every 2 weeks right now. I miss outside but I have been trying to focus on blowing it out and the smoke away. I am a moon child but my soul is missing the sun for sure. I definitely won’t do any charging rituals sadly outside. Today I had to ask my husband if it was the sun or the moon in the sky. I have the knowledge and the ability definitely of charging cleansing what I would normally use the engery moon for. I wonder how close we are to each other? When we get a break from this smoke the first thing we do is give thanks and gratitude for the engry. Love all the options on this it is. ``


I’m in western Oregon and this seems to be the norm in the past few years around here.

This is the current map of wildfires in the western US (for those who didn’t know about this) :

It doesn’t look good but I guess no matter where we go we’ll have to get used to weather events and disasters. Summer’s almost over :crossed_fingers: :cloud_with_rain:


Hope everyone staying safe! Thats horrible! I cant imagine.
Blessed be


Hi my name is Jeannie, and I am near the fires and have a client that lives in Pollak Pines Fires

I am a solitary Witch, and I read alot of books, In the book, Book Of Shawdows The New Solitary Witch by Silver Raven Wolf she states, The fact the we can strive to do the best in all circumstances regardless of how tragic it may be. We have the power to speak a blessing that we can give to others or even use for ourselves. We can strengthen our lives and those around us.
Here are some pics this is a good story and the end is a method that Honi uses
Ground and Center
Cast it the circle
Pronounce the honi conjuration below
Continue on with your working release the circle ground and Center.

Stay safe
Blessed be!


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