Order of invoking cardinal signs

Hello all.

I am slightly confused about the below that i found from the following link. https://spells8.com/lessons/how-to-cast-spells/

  1. Start by facing East and ask the Air to accompany you during your ritual and take care of you while you work. Then turn South and ask Fire for the same favor. Look West and ask for the help of Water. Finally, face North and call for the help of *Earth.

  2. Look North and say: “Spirit of the Earth, my ritual has ended. I bid you farewell”. Repeat as you turn to the left, moving from North to West, then to South and East, saying goodbye to each element.

Does the order of the cardinal sign matter and why does it start from East clockwise but then to close, from North - counterclockwise?

I have my altar set up to the north, as Earth resonates within me strongly.
If I envoke elements starting from North clockwise, does this mean it would make sense to close from West, going counterclockwise? [as based on the logic given above].

Thanking you all in advance, blessed be!


Yes, that’s correct!

The guide in that article is an example. As you mention, you are free to modify it or create your own invocation ritual.

In that example, we open the ritual by going clockwise, also known as deosil in Scottish Gaelic or sunwise. Traditionally, this was considered the “prosperous course” as East to West is the direction of the sun.

After the spell or ritual, we close the ritual by going counterclockwise, also known as widdershins or tuathal starting from the opposite end to symbolize that our work is done.

Based on this logic and the positioning of your altar, you can close your ritual from West, then South, East and finalizing with North (Earth) where your altar is facing.

You can find more Elemental Invocations here as well! Blessed be! :pray:


Thank you so much, this makes sense! This helps me a lot in getting the fuller picture.
Im still at the very start of my journey. I live in a small country, I have not yet met or know how to meet someone who would be interested in the same direction. This forum and webpage has been a great find for me.

Thank you, again!


I’m so glad that you are learning and growing in your path!

Many of us live in small communities, and especially in times of social distancing, self-study and practicing at home is the best option!

Thanks for your kind comments and feel free to share anything with us in the Forums! :pray: