Our Raggle Daughter

I normally don’t post it ask for things like this. My wife has been so upset the past few days and begged me to post this everywhere.

I am a very proud person and this is hard for me to even do. I believe with prayer and magic all things work out the way they should.

Even if you read this post and can’t help please share and send possitive vibes our way.

Not sure this is allowed and please delete if it is not.

We are trying hard to get surgery for our child.

My work has not opened up 100% yet so my checks have been half of what they normally are.

Our 8 year old Raggle developed a tumor in her eye. At one point it burst and went away. The vet was hoping it did not come back. It has and all info is in the GoFundMe link.

Even if you can’t help if you would please share.

We are more then happy to DM our vet info and anyone can call to get details to show how much we care and how we treat her like a family member. She has been seen since she was a handful of fur by the same Dr.

My wife suggested and made a GoFundMe page.

Just want to make sure she does not lose sight in her eye and continues to have a wonderful life being loved by her parents.

Here is the GoFundMe page. If anyone would prefer I can DM our Vet info and payments can be made to them directly instead.

We also have $evillive36 cashapp

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


While I am unable to help financially. I will be thinking of your sweet girl today.
I will also share in the animal community. They are very generous on this area and hopefully it will bring you some blessings. Give the girls some nose boops and cuddles for me.

Thank you for sharing.

I could not help myself. I donated. It’s not much but it’s been killing me all day

Thank you so much. Anything helps at the moment. My wife and I have posted and shared all over so I’m hoping something good will come.

I’ve had a few people ask from Twitter about making a payment directly to our vet and the answer is yes you can. Just DM me for their info.

The surgery is scheduled for Aug. 4th and anything helps even sharing.

Thank you

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Just an update.

The vet put Bella on gabapentin, and Prednisone.

Hoping this keeps her from pawing at her eye are eases a little pain.

We have been doing a healing and protection spell each day and lat night we made an incense blend to burn daily.

Really hoping things can go as planned and she can get this surgery and get back to normal.


This morning Bella has been lethargic due to the medacine. The vet said this is normal. She hasn’t been pawing at her eye as much.

She is cuddled up next to us and napping.

Thank you all for sharing and any donations you made.

Sweet Bella!! Amazing news. Head boops and cuddles from me please!!! So glad you were able to get what was needed for her!!!

She has her surgery on the 4th to remove the tumor and get a dental but at least she isn’t crying and pawing s much. She seams to be more relaxed with the pain meds. The vet said he will start her on antibiotics a few days before the surgery and that she should come home that day.

Someone just made an annoyamous donation directly to our vet for 500 bucks! We are almost half way to getting the money needed to pay for her surgery.

Hiding under the blanket next to her sister lol