Outdoor Offerring Bowls

Sometimes we may have a need to make an offerring outdoors, for deities or fairies or whoever. But we also don’t want contaminate the environment with non-biodegradeable containers. You can make little offering bowls from 6 inch tortillas that you can get at the grocery store. And of course, they can be used for taco night too! You can use flour or corn tortillas. The recipe is below, but basically you use the back side of a muffin tin as a mold and bake them.

Taco bowls

Here are two that I did.

Perfect for offerring honey and apples to Hekate at a crossroads, without drawing too much unwanted attention!


This is SUCH a good idea. Thanks for sharing!


I feel like I’m on that game show Family Feud. Good idea! Good idea! LOL! Way to go!


This is a really cool idea thank you @Undomeher!

I appreciate you taking the time to share this trick. I am thinking what other things could be used in a similar way… maybe seed pods or gourds, depending on the size of the offering.


Not only biodegradable, but if you leave, flowers or grains in them you are feeding the little animals, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. sometimes deer.


Double bonus! :clap::grinning: :taco: Leave it to @Undomeher to come up with a great and eco-friendly way to give outdoor offerings while also sharing a bit of Kitchen Witchery wisdom- you’re on a roll, Ron! :raised_hands: :grin: :heart:

This is both a really cute idea and a very clever method from a magickal perspective- thanks so much for sharing! :sparkles:


I love this!!! I’m defiantly going to start doing this. I’ve used compostable tea bags before but this is much easier than trying to fit everything ina tiny bag.