Pagan Pride in Long Beach, CA

Long Beach may be hosting a Pagan Pride festival November 7th if anyone is interested. I say “may” because the host website isn’t full of current information although the Facebook is.

Pagan Pride Project, Los Angeles Chapter (


(20+) Pagan Pride Day LA/OC | Facebook

I’ll be going for the first time to one of these with my wife. No idea what to expect other than the few YouTube videos some posted of past events.


Oh wow! That’s my birthday! If I was closer I’d definitely go to that, but I’m on the opposite side of the country. I hope you have a great time!


Dang, I’m all the way on the other coast in NY. :unamused:


That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing, @Mark01 !

I’m also a bit far from LA, but I believe it’s important to support each of our local Pagan pride day events.


Just a follow-up of pictures at the Pagan Pride event…


Entrance booth

Booths near the entrance

Ritual of Casting Away & Flowers

More booths

Staff, herb and crystal merchant

Cauldron and misc items merchant

Wand and misc merchant

More booths

Drums and dancing

Sound Healing Ritual


I’m glad you had a good time at the festival!

It is so great to be surrounded by people who feel the same as we do, when usually we have to be quiet about our beliefs. Great photos!


Thank you and yes, being around people that mostly shared our beliefs was comforting. Although there are always the -isms around us that we should be aware of yet not to the point that MSM media dramatizes them. My wife and I did see a hint of it, of a signpost to the festival tossed in the waste bin.

I think the important take-away of going to these are connecting with people. You can learn simple knowledge of the health of charcoal or more importantly of local groups that meet up. Moongoddess and I met with a representative of Raven’s Cry Grove that let us know of a ritual to honor the Ancient Welsh Bards we hope to attend, a Midwinter Ritual at the Green-Man Store in North Hollywood. December 19 at 8:00pm if any can make it.


Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mark- it looks like it was a fun festival! Glad you both had a lovely time. Hope you enjoy the Midwinter Ritual too! :sparkles::evergreen_tree:


How very exciting! I’m happy that you both had a great time & were able to be around people that are aligned with you. I hope you enjoy the Midwinter Ritual also!

I should see if they have anything like this near where I am… I’d imagine we must since we have Salem here. Something to look into! Thank you!