(Part 2)Foretelling the Future- Warning: Contains subject matter that may be triggering for some

:warning: :warning: :warning:This post contains reflection regarding sexual abuse and healing from it. :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: If you feel the need to skip reading this post, I understand WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Those who continue on, I hope this post can give you the feeling of support and that you are not alone. We are all together in some way on our healing journey. :heart: :heart: :heart:

Card 1(Four of Swords, “I take the time I need to rediscover my vitality”):
There is no need to rush. When I put myself in the vibration of doing everything as fast as I can, I end up with tasks or projects that are unfinished. My energy has become scattered, leaving a sense of incompletion and feeling energetically drained, not just physically but mentally and emotionally depleted too.
I’m reminded by this card to SLOW DOWN. To get back in touch with what brings me joy. To find whatever it is that I put my energy into that leaves me feeling spent or exhausted in a negative way… and instead rediscover what makes me feel fulfilled and brings back my vitality, my energy.

Card 2(Page of Pentacles, “I am open to opportunities for personal growth”):
I feel as if lately, the vibration I have put out is that of overwhelm, chaos/chaotic, ungrounded, and hasty. I haven’t kept my energetic field open to possibilities. I’ve kept myself in this loop of knowing the work I need to do to undertake some serious healing but I’m stuck. The feeling is like wearing cemented blocks that are encasing my feet. I’m still able to walk, but it’s slow, weighed down by the heaviness of the subject that requires healing.
This card is here to remind me that I am never alone. I have an enormous support system combined of family and friends, my guides, and all of the unseen forces that I feel all around me. I hold the key to the vibrations I send out into the world, the Ether. My expansion is so vast that it will cause others to feel hopeful about their paths to healing and encourage them to start their journey. My openness to opportunities for personal growth will be a beacon to others that they are not alone. That they are divinely guided so long as they are willing to be open. To keep themselves open to experiences, good and bad, for we always learn from both.

:warning:Trigger warning :bangbang: Be Advised.

Oracle(Crocoite, Sexuality):
Right away, this card tells me that while I have managed to acknowledge yet suppress the sexual trauma I experienced as a preteen, I need to start the healing process.
I’ve kept up the illusion of being “healed” by not shying away from telling my story. From being open and honest about what happened and sharing that in various conversations regarding that subject matter.
It is time now to drop the act, to lift the curtain of my illusion. I will not be healing only my trauma, but that also of my mother, and her mother, my Oma. I will undertake the healing of trauma from 3 generations. Knowing this brings back that weighted feeling, the heaviness on my feet and my shoulders. I believe this is a crucial part of my journey and has made itself CRYSTAL CLEAR to me because I am strong and I am willing to embark on my path to healing. For myself, for my mother, for my grandma.
The cycle of generational trauma STOPS with me.

Will this be hard? Oh yes it will. Are there going to be moments of weakness that will create thoughts of self-doubt? I’m sure of it. But, am I loved? Am I supported by those around me? Do I trust myself and have faith in my journey? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Aside from all the positive and powerful tools I will take away from this, I find an extreme amount of hopefulness in being an aide for my daughter whenever she comes face to face with various trials and tribulations she experiences in her life.

And this concludes my entry for the weekly challenge Foretelling the Future.

Blessed be my Spells8 family :heart:

Here is a link to part 1: (Part 1)Foretelling the Future challenge


Your reading is very in depth and enlightening.

I thank you for this, as I too am on a healing journey from sexual trauma as a child of 8 and then in my teens. The journey is hard and long, it does wear you down and take you two steps back with every step forward it seems. But i do not wear a badge of victim, but more so a crown of survival, because those who abused me then have no hold on who I am now, this is what I am learning and trying so hard to hold true to.
I too tell my story when it is called for, where as before I hid from it in shame.
Nice to Meet you.
Blessed Be,


First things first- admin thanks you for adding in the warning at the top, it is appreciated! :grinning: :+1:

I love how you interpreted each of these cards, @janelle. Your tarot had some positive messages and important reminders- it is clear your deck is trying to keep you healthy and well! :two_hearts:

The oracle card looks like it dug deep, but in a necessary way. You are so strong for carrying this weight through 3 generations and now taking the time and effort to revisit past pain in hopes of healing. It sounds like it will be quite the endeavor- but yes, you have so much love and support! Wear these positive energies like a protective cloak around you as you overcome and move forward.

Big hugs and lots of love to you, Janelle- you are one strong witch! :heart: Thank you so much for sharing these insights and your readings- Blessed be! :pray::two_hearts:


@Tamera this is beautifully written and so very powerful. Your strength is inspirational- big hugs to you, too! :heart:


@janelle, I love your interpretation of the Four of Swords. I’ve always though it of time of mental and physical rest but never really thought about just slowing down. That’s very insightful of you.

That is absoulutely beautiufl! And I have no dobuts that you have the power and courage to go through with it, if not for yourself but for your loved ones. :hugs: If there is anything I can do to help, just let me know.

Wonderful words of wisdome @Tamera! I have faith you can heal yourself and be good to yourself. It’ll be hard sometimes but you can do it! :hugs: If you need me, just give a hollar!


May I inquire on what kind of healing tools you are using? I have been looking for various therapist of sorts but with Covid, it proves difficult to make a substantial connection to them. I have started doing what I can for myself but I feel this is a topic that involves seeking guidance from someone who can help me work into a direction that provides seemingly small but positive progress for the long run. I think so many of us want instant results but I’ve come to learn, as I am sure you have, progress… REAL progress takes time. It will be so worth it every step of the way though.
I’m glad we could connect. Sometimes it takes a negative experience to bring others together in order to have more positive ones.


@TheTravelWitch Oh you are most welcome! I know how sensitive this subject can be and I don’t want to be negatively affected by my post.

For once, I feel like I truly know what path I am to be on in my life currently. I believe paths change just as much as our life experiences and various aspects during them.

Virtual group hug!!! You all have shown unconditional love and support through the energy you emit and I hope the rest of humanity can meet together on this vibration one day. Much love to you, to this community and its members, to its founder @Francisco, and this sacred space in the Web we have all come to share!


Thank you for offering your support! I have a lot to do but I am grateful in knowing I have you and others to reach out for assistance when the tough gets going or even if I need someone to talk to :slight_smile:


You’re welcome hon! That’s what this community is here for!


Ahhhh virtual group hug!!! :hugs::two_hearts: So much love back to you, @janelle- your positivity and vibrance are very welcome in the community. Reading posts like yours makes me feel like I can also be as brave and strong as you- and I am sure I am not the only one inspired by your actions and magick! :sparkling_heart: Love and light to you, Janelle!


@janelle You are loved!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Thanks for sharing this because it will certainly encourage others to heal.

I sent you a direct message with something I hope will be useful.

Blessed Be! :pray:


Congratulations for making & taking the step to put a end to your situation. Situation that I can relate on it. Is not a easy task, but important. Because is not only you in order to get healed for the trauma, but your mother & your grand and a ancestor.
Can a ancestors trauma can affect those in life? The answer is yes.
More importantly is this step; that you might believe that is small, but it is making and will resonate even the cosmos. So big that even a dead family as a ancestor, if it had suffer by the same trauma, will get healed by it.
Just to make you see, how sacred and beneficial your step is.