Past life regression

Do you think it is possible to see someone else’s past life? Or is it just your own you can see?


I think if you’re in a soul group with someone you can see their past life because they were with you. For instance, if your sister in this life was your daughter in your last life, you’d recognize her.


I agree with you :100::relaxed:


The surprising answer is sometimes, yes! According to quantum physics, when you look at something, you bring that something into reality. When you turn away, it no longer exists. It only appears when you or someone else observes it. What you see is only accurate and complete for you.


To me it feels like dejavu and i actually have to think really had if i had done it but when i realise i haven’t done or seen what i and feeling it put it all down to a past life


That’s a really great question, @luna2- thanks for asking it! :blush:

I’ve only ever explored my own past lives, I’ve never tried to look into someone else’s. But like others here have mentioned, I believe it’s possible. Especially, like @Amethyst mentioned, if you have a very strong bond with someone that has lasted across lifetimes.

I suppose if I wanted to see what/who/where someone else was in a past life, I’d ask them first about their earliest childhood memories- if they had any fixations or quirks that would give clues about their most recent past life. I’d also look to divination methods to give more insights.

If you decide to give exploring someone else’s past life a try, feel free to share how it goes for you! I’d love to hear about your experience :pray::grinning:

Blessed be! :sparkles:

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