Past Lives Tarot Spread: "Who Was I In My Past Life?"

Sorry, I didn’t mean to come off so harsh. It was mostly for dramatic effect.

Movies were extra weird, because it’s so difficult to talk through them! Gotta just sit there and get my ears exploded.

You are welcome at my dinner table of unhealthy food and drinks any time. :sparkles:

Puns. :laughing:

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No, u! :black_heart:


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Yes! :joy:
And the talk afterwards… :laughing:

– So that was…
– A movie. Yup.
– Quite…
– So what shall we do next?

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I live for puns :sweat_smile:

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Heeyyyy we’re on the same wavelength because I was totally gonna do this sometime this week, too! :joy: Maybe when I get to it, I’ll add it to this thread and we can keep them together!

Anyway, now that I’m reading back through the comments, I see I wasn’t the only person inspired to do this spread lol it seems we all were!


Yay! The more the merrier. :sparkles:

It’s officially a past life appreciation thread. :black_heart:


@MeganB Looking forward to seeing yours :green_heart:


@Devenne @tracyS @CelestiaMoon If it’s something you’re comfortable with, I was wondering, now that there’s been some time… How do you feel about your readings here or regarding your takeaways from them? Like, how do you feel about anything they gave you to think about/action? To me, it kind of sounds like you all got a few things to think about in this life, but also, I don’t want to assume how you feel about that. Am I making any sense at all? :sweat_smile:

Personally, I feel like it was validating for me, but that’s not exactly useful beyond making me feel better. The advice that is there comes up in shadow work and doing readings for myself, anyway. And even before that, the advice about confidence is something that I’ve heard from everyone – from teachers to psychologists. So it’s very much known stuff on multiple levels. :thinking:


@starborn I see that the Four of Cups came up in this reading too :smile_cat: And what an interesting one here… “what karmic lessons did I learn from my past life that I should be aware of today?”. Reflecting with the Tower one I did yesterday… it feels that I might have had a hard time in a previous life because of living life too fast and following my impulses, so I’ve overcompensated in this one.

The Three of Pentacles is another card I’ve seen quite a few times… I feel it’s a good lesson for me to keep in mind, both the grounding and working together. Taking small steps together is a good way to build things that last.

I feel these spreads are a useful reflection tool for me. I haven’t gone back to them a lot, maybe that could be helpful. Usually the way I’ve worked with them is that I’ve seen a nice one here and I’ve done it, then posted my results and written my thoughts here :wink:


@starborn ok. Review time. Spooky actually.

I’m now being shifted by Loki in a new direction, to work with a coven to get change in the world. It’s scary and I’ve been dodging it for some months now, but the runes are correct. Surrender control and trust that this is how my life is progressing, in the past I’d resist this, I’m learning :rofl:

Yikes. :flushed: That happened. Again.

Remember the toxic friend fog lifting off of me. Painful but necessary.

This I’ve finally done, so hopefully broken the cycle here. Thankyou beastie. :sparkling_heart:

This is where Lucifer comes in. Loki is all about forcing change, revolutions and call to action, whereas Lucifer has helped me achieve spiritual grounding, finally I feel settled in my path.

This seems to be playing out now in where Loki is taking me. When the road ahead requires action that may seem insurmountable, remember my divine team is behind me. In the past I’d fight alone, but not now. Took awhile to wake up :grin:

This fits with my reading from Megan today

I never thought the action would be to campaign for others less fortunate, but this is where it’s led me. Finally the cycle of persecution is lifted but now I need to pay it forward and help lift it off others, maybe that’s karma, the fates, the norns? But this is where I’m at. Life is never simple with a chaos god :partying_face::rofl:


@starborn yeah it’s still resonates fully with me. Sorry I don’t really know what else to say. My brain is on strike from exhaustion and too much studying lol. Maybe I’ll get back to this when it works lol.


@CelestiaMoon @tracyS Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :black_heart:

Don’t worry. That’s pretty much what I also said myself. :laughing:

Now that I’m back and I want to say more, my brain is elsewhere… Things to do. So I will also have to come back. :sweat_smile:


I havent done the spread yet but will hopefully do so today or tomorrow. My mum and sister have always said i was on the Titanic in a past life as i was obsessed with it as a child and seemed to know so much about it. I went for my monthly reiki on Wednesday and it was one of the strangest i’ve had. I could see water and the outline of a ship but could also hear the splashing and screaming of people in water. The reiki master said it could have been an unlocked past life memory. Will be intrresting to do this spread and see what it brings to the surface.


@Cosmic_Curiosity ooh please share what you find. :green_heart: