Pathfinding mission

Hello everyone. Glad to meet the family. Am Rocco from Belgium - Europe.
Family curses, Permanent negative aura, low self esteem are my main driving force to this forum. I have been in the search for solutions to these negative influences in my life for a long time. I just wish to i could master a way to deal with it through the forum.


Hello Davis, so glad you could join us.
Family curses, Permanent negative aura, low self esteem are my main driving force to this forum.
If I may make a few suggestions, try the,
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  1. [Easy Banishing & Self-Defense Spells for Negative Energy]
  2. ( on this site. Another is ; [Easy Banishing & Self-Defense Spells for Negative Energy]
    4.How to Remove a Curse with Salt
    Your low self esteem?
    “No one can make you feel inferior with out your consent.”
    Eleanor Roosevelt, WW2

Thanks Garnet . Feeling already at home. However, some spells i have already tried. I do a weekly cleansing and protection spell with epsom salt , lemon and florida water after using sage smoke around the house and burning incense. But wherever i go and what ever i do, things aren’t positive. Even lost a good job recently. I have been contemplating beauty or charisma cleansing - a passe partout to be admired and respected wherever and whenever, but there’s one question: do i do my spells well? Should it be at a particular moment, or place or during moonlight or inside at noon or a particular day of the week? Reasons why i decided to join a coven.


Well, welcome to the forum. I’m terribly sorry that you’re going through all this. @Garnet left some great advice for you.

I’d like to say to cleanse yourself and your home with a salt cleanse. For yourself, you could just take a bath with sea salt or any salt really. Or you could use a selenite wand and move it over and around your body, starting from the back of your head and move it to the front of your body all the way down, as far as you can reach. Then do your arms. You could do this as much as you’d like or until you feel cleansed of negativity. For the home, pour salt in each room and start from the back side of your house and go to the front sweeping out the negativity.

You can also set up a crystal grid in your home. I’d suggest using black tourmaline or black obsidian and place one in each corner of the home and possibly a clear quartz in the center to amplify the energy of the other stones.

I hope with all this info, something will help you out!!! :pray: Always stay positive and if it’s spirits and you don’t want them, then just tell at them to leave and they’re not wanted!!!


No matter what you use for a spell, be it crystals, oils, wands? what is important is intent. What do you want to achieve? Always take a cleansing bath (it feels good and helps you relax) Cast a circle, it repels negatively and keeps your magic protected from outside influence. The most important aspect of Magick is belief. If you don’t have strength in your belief, you’re starting without hands (metaphor). Keep trying, sometimes spells need to be repeated over and over. As your power increases so will your ability to cast.
There are some wonderful meditations on Spells8, they help you relax and focus on your purpose. Now that I’ve addressed your issues (badly, I’m sure),
Go to Free Spellcasting Course is a complete introductory guide to the world of Real Witchcraft and Magic. on Spells8
Be Blessed my friend
My 3 words for successful magic?
Intent. Belief. Patience.


Ok thanks for the tips Christina. I would put it all in practice. It’s what i do. I do’nt sleep. Can’t just go into every detail, but if i give you my story, you would understand my being restless. But am glad for having you guys. Thanks so very much.


You have our love and support.
Sending love and strength to you and lit white candle.


Coming back to casting a circle; it’s what i have never done, though. Any special tips or maybe i just read through (check the site)?


Look up casting a circle on Spells8
This is a very informative site and will answer most of your needs.
If not throw your questions out here and one of us will either answer, find the answer or point you in the right direct to find what you seek.


Sure. Thank you Garnet


So very true!!!


I have a spell from Llewellyn’s Witches Spell A Day Almanac. The spell:

Sorry I didn’t type it but my cat is having surgery today. If you can’t read it, I’ll type it up when I have the chance. You can also just tap on the picture and zoom in.


Just found a video: SilverBearQueen of Witch Bottles


Sometimes we get into ruts of feeling worthless, unloved…or we just simply feel off and can’t shake it. Try this simple and beautiful ritual to help boost yourself…a little self-esteem and self love boost can go a long way in helping us get back on the road of feeling better in our overall well-being.


Hello @NRocco, I’m Amethyst from West Virginia here in the States. Welcome to the coven. :infinite_roots:

I agree with a lot of what @Garnet and @christina4 have to say, but the most important part of it is belief. Not only belief in yourself, but belief in those pesky family curses. If you believe they will never be broken, then they won’t because you’re just working against yourself. If that makes sense.

Hopefully, we can help you believe in yourself some and get that self-esteem up and help you have some confidence. Then you’ll be able to shatter those spells and make a better life for yourself.

Much love and light to you my friend! :purple_heart: :candle:
Blessed be!


Thanks for the love and concern Ametyst . I appreciate.


It’s ok Christina. The first section is visible enough. lots of blessings with your cat and a speedy recovery too. Many thanks.


You’re welcome!


Merry meet @NRocco and welcome to the Infinite Roots Coven :infinite_roots:

Sending good thoughts from a fellow witch here in the EU- lots of warmth from Poland!

So sorry to hear you’ve got some much on your plate lately, that’s a lot of negative energy for one person to deal with. There’s been some wonderful advice already shared, but here a few tips of my own for your consideration!

Like others have mentioned, magick is all about intent- if you don’t believe in your magick, any casting you do will be lacking its full power and potential. I’d suggest that a good first focus would be working on building up your confidence and increasing your self-esteem.

If confidence isn’t something that comes easily from within, you could try drawing confidence from outside forces- such as through runes, sigils, and talismans. You could give the following Self-Confidence Sigil Spell a try:


Wishing you all the best, Davis! Blessed be :sparkles:


Hi David,

Merry Meet

My name is Jeannie, I Saw your post earlier and I wanted to give you a warm welcome to the coven, :infinite_roots:

Infinite Roots is my family and I feel so excited for you that you took a big step towards your “Pathfinding Mission”!

I think sometimes if we take on the archetypes in the Major Acana in the tarot we can learn to use our intuition and learn who you are in a deeper level and get to know our Shadow side. Instead of wearing a mask we can finally take the mask off and develop some introspection and realize that we are in the driver seat of the car. You are in charge! “As above so below” For example the Magician Card is in the hyper link for you.

Tarot Challenge for Jeannie

Also if you like you can learn more about the tarot. The tarot has been a tool for me! It helps me to see different stages of my life and human experiences.

I meditate with the chariot card and try to push forward. Sometimes I need an extra boost so I will do a spell to help me!

I will do a meditation then pull a card and meditate on the energy I am trying to have!
I will incorporate a book of mirrors an record my findings!

:rosette: Book of Mirrors - Keep Your Mind Open

Keeping track of your reflection in the mirror is there to help guide you so you can look back and see your progress!

I hope that was some help I really like “Black Tourmaline” you can carry the stone with you to help assist with some of that negative energy and it will absorb all of the bad energy!

I like what Christina suggested to you!

I like Rose Quarts to have self compassion for myself during the difficult times!
First the need to be charged in salt. Salt is like a plug it will charge it up so its powerful again clearing from any harmful energy!
I hope you find some of this information helpful and I am glad that you are giving a voice to your shadow side but the shadow side has magic in it too! Just because you don’t fit into society’s norm does not mean that you are broken! You probably have alot of hidden talents! We fear the anger and emotions but if you can express that through witchcraft I think you will grow to love alot about yourself! It just helps to know that you are not alone and you can find your hidden truths through the craft! I know that you will find that expressing yourself through the craft will help you find your strengths.
Love :heart:& :candle:
Blessed Be


Hello Garnet! I really love “Blessed by Dragons” in your name. How wonderful to be so blessed. I hope to learn how that manifests itself in your life/magick if that’s something you’d feel comfortable sharing. I just wanted to show my appreciation for suggesting that quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. I’ve used that as a personal mantra for quite some time and although I’m still working on self esteem, I like to pull that quote out and sit with it whenever I am struggling. Thank you for posting such wonderful suggestions to Davis. I will also check the resources you suggested out! Merry meet and Blessed Be!