Paths other than wicca

Merry meet everyone

I’m curious what other paths there is other than wicca.

I know there’s druids but I don’t know much about it and I haven’t really heard of any others.

I guess I’m wondering what paths are you on? I’m curious to learn about other options my fellow witches are practicing ?

I guess I’m looking for flexibility and less set ways of practice. Im not interested in black magick but I’m open to other paths.


Hello, I’ve sat at a crossroads for years. I tried to incorporate my Christian beliefs into my craft when I was finally accepting myself for being a witch (that took awhile). But found that as my Christian faith was a very strict one, it wasn’t working. I looked at following my mother’s Celtic side, and that was working for awhile but I found that I kept getting “nudged” from a certain Norse deity, who I think got fed up with being sidelined all these years. So I’ve embraced the Norse Pantheon, Loki in particular. I’m not Wiccan, so I guess that makes me a heathen? I still believe and value all the other paths, but I’m not following them. Magickally, I practice all sorts, and have done baneful Magick for my own self healing and protection from 1 particular destructive force (ironically it was to protect me from a religion as opposed to a person, and more to aid me in breaking free, so I kind of used it on myself) I think the beauty of the craft is we can embrace it how it feels right for us, and if you follow the Deity’s, they kind of choose you, and reach out to you at the time when you’re ready, if that makes sense. (The Morrigan helped me alot with my shadow work for example) That’s been my experience.
In a nutshell, here it is:
I became a strict Christian in 1994. Followed it faithfully up until 2020 when covid hit, though in my heart I was having problems with it. I secretly would celebrate Yule, Halloween (not decorate openly, but to the knowing eye, they’d have seen it). I was drawn to magic, one shop in particular, that I’d pass weekly, look in the window, and walk on. Well finally, covid hit, world shut down, including my Kingdom hall. This gave me the break. And the spirits saw it, and grabbed me. (I’ve always had a bond with spirit since childhood) First my Amazon searches kept recommending witch oracle’s (I got my beloved Sally Morningstar Oracle), then books, then a diary. From the diary I found The college of Psychic Studies, from them (and they said it was no accident I found them), I contacted my first psychic and did a few courses with the college. From there I found witch casket, I learnt basic spells, and from there Spells8. This took up to today. And its over the last month, the deity that I feels been driving all this (Loki) very clearly revealed himself. It was a tough road, lots of emotional upheaval as it would be, my whole belief system has been turned on its head (so like Loki to do this, no softly softly there :joy:), but finally, embracing the Norse/heathen way for me, has been a godsend (excuse the pun). I’m still doing shadow work to deal with stuff that comes up, but what I guess I’m saying is that the “path” chose me. I just stumbled through lots of different “ways” until it clicked. (Or until Loki got fed up with waiting and gave me a much needed kick up the arse!:joy:, I am known for sitting and pitching camp at a crossroads).
Hope this helps my lovely :sparkling_heart:


I’m replying in a rush right now and will come back with a full reply later when I have more time. I just wanted to share real quick that I did a podcast episode/YouTube video on this subject if you wanted to check it out :blush:

Pagan Beliefs - what to believe and tips for ALL pagans [CC] - YouTube

Episode 130: Paths to the Divine - Paganism, Polytheism, and Crossroads by 'Round the Cauldron


Okay, I think I’m back for a longer reply :sweat_smile:

I first learned about Wicca in my early teens. Back then, that’s all I really knew about. I was a young woman with access to the library, new access to the internet, and zero knowledge of what I was looking for. I was Wiccan for a very long time, even after feeling like it wasn’t the right fit anymore. I didn’t know anything else was an option, so I stuck with it because it was more comfortable than a church.

It wasn’t until the last 5 or so years that I really dug deeper into alternative religious paths and branches of Paganism. That’s when I discovered Celtic Paganism, and even further, Celtic Reconstructionism. I’m not a Celtic Reconstructionist by any means - I don’t have the knowledge of that path that I would need, nor do I feel like I’m being called to practice in exactly the same way my ancestors did. However, my Celtic Pagan path follows the traditions and beliefs of ancient Ireland. I’ve always felt called to that land and my ancestors came from Ireland to the United States in the 1700s.

Through being online and interacting with so many different types of people, I have learned that there are hundreds of options when it comes to paths! Just to list a few, there are…

Celtic Reconstructionism
Celtic Paganism
Traditional Witchcraft
Traditional British Witchcraft
Modern Traditional Witchcraft

I think if you’re looking for flexibility, then you’re probably looking more toward Eclectic Paganism. This path is one that many people find works for them. It allows you the freedom to work with deities of your choice, and magic of your choice, in a way that works for you!


Hi :wave: there really are soooo many options! When I started here in 2020 I was headed one way & over the years… I’m in a completely different place now.

I can honestly say, I’m not Wiccan I have an Irish Celtic Paganism & Spirituality path. It has been the one that I am connecting with the most with everything that I have learned & continue to learn. It just feels right & I feel really good.

As for the dark magic, regardless of your path that is entirely up to you.



I am probably not a ton of help in this topic, as I dont have a broad knowledge of much.
I can only draw from my own experiences.
I was raised Lutheran, and even as a young child I was aware that I didnt feel the uplifting experience in church that one is supposed to feel (though I did find that on mynown- in the woods, the mountains- anywhere I was outside and interacting with Nature); and the Bible left me with more questions than answers. In college, I took classes in history of religion and world religion as my “extra” classes. I didnt find my exact path, but I ruled out Christianity. It just didnt resonate with me.
I had an experience with Faeiries as a small child, which imprinted on me. I can still remember it to this day! I was always drawn to the Celtic and Irish religions, and have been (lovingly) accused at times of being a flower child or a hippie.
So I guess I dont have a label, and honestly, I’m ok with that. Eclectic witch? Green witch? But I often forget to look at the moon, forget to leave things out for deities at times…generally, “bad witch”. But its ok! I have never done well with rules, I always prefer to make my own. So when asked, I admit to people I am a witch. Simplest way to say all of those things above.

Hope this helps you!


Good fortune on your search for your path. :pray: I have found it to be more about the journey and the willingness to venture on to other paths. Many of them a parallel to the one you’re on, but have knowledge in themselves that relate to your search. Take from them what you will. sometimes you find the knowledge in them long after you have left that path and gone on to another.

You are on a lifetime search, with many turns, twists and dead ends. Enjoy the journey and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If we were perfect we wouldn’t be here. :heart_on_fire: :people_hugging:


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