Peel me off the Ceiling Please!

Oh good grief, one of my old school friends found me on facebook and saw my ads, now she is calling me a black witch cos I posted my little witchy girls - Hilda, Stella, Greta and Clara… OH MY GOSH…ugh. She said, and I quote, “I thought you were a white witch, now I see you are a black witch.” Just cos I love the Halloween Witch Figurines?? oh dear. How in the world do I respond, right now I am too upset to think…

Unfortunately some people can be very ignorant. Keep your head and don’t stoop to her level.

I would say something like “I’m sad you feel that way but I know my heart is pure and good. Everything I do, I do with positivity and the best intentions for all. Liking these statues does not make me a black witch; if I liked a statue of a mermaid would that make me a fish? Absolutely not.” or something to that effect with your words.

People lash out when they don’t understand or are jealous. We know better :wink: sending you a hug x


Thank you! Unfortunately her dad is a preacher, southern one

I agree with @mrs, people lash out when they don’t understand something!
The question is, do you really feel the need to respond? I often just ignore comments like that because I don’t want that kind of negativity in my life…
In any case, I hope you feel better about it soon x

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I just told her Witchcraft is neither white nor black, it is like any other tool, it can be used for good or bad


Well said!! :muscle:

“The Witch wears black to repel negativity and to absorb light.”

Tell her that you’re a witch and not just in halloween!

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