Peering into 2022 🎴 Collective Tarot Reading

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” - Alan Cohen

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I don’t know about you but I am ready to leave 2021 behind me. So much has happened this last year! This includes both good and bad, but the chaos of everything happening all at once has left me seriously considering many things in my life. I’m hoping to keep the forward momentum going and use it to propel myself into new, shiny things. There’s been a shift within me to move into something new, but that’s a topic for another day.

I know many of you are also probably feeling the same way, so I hope you can look to this collective reading for 2022 with hope for a brighter future.

If you would like a recap of the 2021 reading, you can check that out here.


If you are not familiar with how this reading works, let me break it down for you. This is a spread that I created to give you a general outlook of a full twelve-month period. It contains 15 different cards and they are as follows: one for each month of the year, a theme card, a goals card, and an obstacles card. If you would like to check out the spread and read the cards for yourself, you can click here to grab a copy.

As I said before, this is a collective reading. Some people do not feel like collective readings are accurate or worth doing. I, however, find them useful in the right circumstance. As a collective reading, the cards will give us value in seeing the bigger picture. In this case, the card for one month may not apply to you at all and that’s okay. For example, if the Death card shows up as a theme for the month of June, it does not mean that every single person will experience a loss and be open to new opportunities. It could mean that in a particular country or region, they experience a period of time where the old is dying out to make way for the new. This could be political, this could be figuratively, and this could even be ecological disasters. It all varies, so keep that in mind as you read on.


Let’s get into it, shall we? For this reading, I chose The Traditional Manga Tarot. I felt like this was the right deck to use, blending the traditional imagery of the Rider-Waite Smith deck with the beautiful art style of Manga. Plus I just feel like they’re softer in general, able to show me things in a new perspective, and deal important information in an easy-to-understand way. We’ll start with the three cards that give a general overview and then move into the cards for each month.

The Card of the Year: The Nine of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot:

Clad in fine red robes, the Nine of Pentacles brings abundance and success. The grapes on the hat she wears are representative of the fruits of her labor. She holds a pentacle in her hand, the final piece of her work. It is the perfect specimen displayed against the failings from before, a display of her hard work and determination.

This card as the theme of 2022 makes me very hopeful. We will see all of our hard work pay off in one form or another. Our failings may pile up around us, but eventually we will hold that shiny, perfect piece in our hands and rejoice in our successes. As the theme of the year, it points to success and rewarded efforts, but it also points to the requirement to do the work in order to achieve the wanted outcome. How exciting!

Goals of 2022: The Knight of Swords Reversed :sword_tarot:

As a Knight, he often fights for what he believes in and stands up for what he represents. He is motivated by his desire and his pure heart, rushing in to be of service when needed. As a reversal, this energy is unguided and misplaced. Rather than being kind and patient as he normally is, the reversal suggests impatience, rudeness, and an overall aggressive manner in his endeavors.

This isn’t something that we would normally see as a goal, but when thinking on it further, you can see that sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves aggressively. Sometimes the stands we take may be interpreted by others as aggressive or bullying, yet if we weren’t listened to in the first place, or we have a habit of being people pleasers, any placement of boundaries will look like like defiance. We may also be more scattered this year, and as a goal, this may mean we need to take our energy and just charge forward without a plan. I am very curious to see where this leads us in 2022.

Obstacles of 2022: The Nine of Swords :sword_tarot:

I have always hated this card. I saw a meme once that said if the seven of swords is the drunk person stealing a bunch of swords, the nine of swords is that person waking up sober the next day with too many swords. However, in this position it makes complete sense. The Nine of Swords sees a woman sitting on her bed, nine swords hung on the wall above her, as she cries into her hands. Those swords are representative of things that give us anxiety, make us feel guilt, or scare us.

With all the trauma we have collectively experienced over the last year, it makes sense that this would be an obstacle. If we get hung up on the past experiences and don’t allow ourselves to feel those emotions and move through it, there is no way we will move forward. There is no way we’ll make it through the year and come out successful in anything we do. Keep an eye on this card. I have a feeling it will make an appearance more than once throughout the year.

January 2022: Judgement :postal_horn:

Everyone will have to come forward and atone for their mistakes. No one can escape judgment, even if the only person judging you is yourself. Judgment isn’t a bad thing, though. In the upright position, this card points to a period of self-reflection and renewal. In January, there may be an emphasis placed on the self and working through anything you’ve got going on. You may come face-to-face with things that have been hiding in your shadows, or things you’ve been hiding from! Work through them when you can and come out a better person for it.

February 2022: The Ace of Swords :sword_tarot: [February 2022 :star: Collective Reading Check-In]

Interesting! Last year we had an Ace of Wands Reversed in this position. This year, we’re seeing new ideas and ingenuity in the month of February. Things are beginning to take shape, yet now is not the time for movement. These breakthroughs, on a personal level or in the grand scheme of things, will take time, focus, and concentration. On a large level, this may mean new breakthroughs in the politics, medicine, or science. On a personal level, you may experience a higher amount of focus that allows you to make little intellectual breakthroughs of your own.

March 2022: Knight of Wands Reversed :wand_tarot: [March 2022 :star: Collective Reading Check-In]

This knight is also ready for whatever is thrown at him. He is dressed in battle gear, holds his staff, and his horse is rearing up. The entire card is full of energy, yet when it is reversed, that energy is going absolutely nowhere. The Knight of Wands points to a period of restlessness and impatience. There will be things going on that are out of our control and that makes everyone angry. The energy of this month may be volatile and our self-control will take a nosedive. Be cautious with your words and your actions.

April 2022: Page of Wands Reversed :wand_tarot: [April 2022 :star: Collective Reading Check-In]

As the messenger of the Wands, the Page is decked out in their finest robes. However, upon closer inspection, they also wear a suit of armor under their silks. As the page looks into the distance, so too does the peacock that sits on his shoulder. The reversed position of this card indicates that the impatience from March will follow us into April. However, it appears that we’ve given up. Laziness and apathy are two words that follow this card around when it’s reversed. It appears that whatever is going on that is out of our control will take its toll on us, causing us to be bored and apathetic.

May 2022: The Page of Swords :sword_tarot: [May 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

The Page of Swords stands holding one sword in her hand in the air with her other hand gripping the pommel of a sheathed sword at her hip. She appears to be in a snowy landscape during a blizzard as snow whips around her. She is determined, just as the knights have been before her, and she leans into her exuberant energy in defiance of the obstacles that she faces. We will find ourselves leaning into the alert energy of the Page this month. While the world whips around us, we must stay vigilant and active in our pursuits. We may need to rely on defiance this month to get things done, an attitude of I’m gonna do it anyway no matter what you say could be helpful.

June 2022: The Nine of Cups :cup_tarot: [June 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

This is the first cup card we see this year and it comes at a great time. The Nine of Cups sees a pan with antlers sitting on a chair. He wears a large smile and holds something precious in his hands. We can embrace the happiness that comes to us this month, whether it be in the form of joy, passion, or excitement. This is often called The Wish Card as it represents our dreams coming true after hardship. This month will be one of happiness as we have overcome the obstacles placed before us in the previous months.

July 2022: The Ace of Pentacles Reversed :pentacle_tarot: [July 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

Usually a bright and happy card, when the Ace of Pentacles is reversed it can signify a loss on the horizon. We may have been happy before, but this month will see us delve into instability. Things that were put in place before may have been placed on shaky foundation. Think back to previous months where we saw the Knights. Were decisions made hastily? Or we had to make difficult decisions quickly that maybe weren’t the most sustainable? On a grander scale, this could be a backslide in political, social, or economic situations. Opportunities may have been missed and we will pay the price.

August 2022: The Ten of Pentacles Reversed :pentacle_tarot: [August 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

The foreshadowing of the Ace of Pentacles reversed comes into play this month. This card is also one that is usually happy. Upright, the family is dancing around and the pentacles hang in the air. When you flip the card over, smiles become frowns and what was easily suspended now appear to be falling. The reversed card points to a deeper and darker meaning. The Ten of Pentacles brings financial conflict and instability. It usually points to the future, but I feel that it is more immediate given the cards from the previous months. We will need to keep a close eye on our personal finances and stability to ensure we don’t lose things that are important to us.

September 2022: The Ten of Swords :sword_tarot: [September 2022 ✨ Collective Reading Check-In]

Another card that I really don’t like! The Ten of Swords depicts a person lying in a field of flowers with ten swords in their back. There isn’t really a positive spin to put on this card. One or two swords wouldn’t be so bad, but ten swords all at once indicate an event of such magnitude that it swiftly knocks people off their feet. This card brings with it defeat, failure, and a sense of deep loss. The event may come from our own choices as the swords are often part of us. This may be a time when, quite literally, things come back to bite us in the ass.

October 2022: The Hanged Man :fallen_leaf: [October 2022 🎃 Collective Reading Check-In]

By far one of my favorite cards, The Hanged Man always reminds me of the story of Odin hanging himself from Yggdrasil and sacrificing parts of himself to gain knowledge. The Hanged Man in this image depicts a person hanging from their feet in what look like vines. They have flowers around their head and an apple in their hand, both of which signify growth and knowledge. This month will see us having to sacrifice parts of ourselves from a greater good. However, we won’t see how it affects us and the good it will do until we’re forced into the situation. Once our perspective changes, we can see things more clearly.

November 2022: The Chariot :oncoming_automobile: [November 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

A man clad in armor sits in a chariot pulled by two lions. One is open and roaring and the other is moving forward silently. The man holds no reigns. He lets the chariot go where it needs to. Whatever goals we have this month, probably pulling ourselves out of the funk that we’ve been in so far, should be approached with a logical mind. We will need to lean on our willpower and determination, maintaining control of as much as we can. We will need to be bold in our approach, yet reign in our aggression and competitive nature so we don’t lose control of ourselves.

December 2022: The Eight of Pentacles :pentacle_tarot: [December 2022 :sparkles: Collective Reading Check-In]

We have finally made it to the end of the year. This card, the Eight of Pentacles, shows someone hard at work carving their pentacle. It is large and they have a hammer and chisel in their hands. The person in the card shows determination, wearing glasses to help them see their work closer and clearly. We will need to carry that focus and determination with us into the new year.

I can’t help but think that this card is the culmination of everything from the year. The Knights brought with them focus and determination, we faced the loss that came with the ten of swords, and we learned to shift our perspective with The Hanged Man. Maybe the Eight of Pentacles shows us that at the end of the year, we will be exactly where we need to be - focused, determined, and hard at work on our goals. We will have the tools we need to bring about the change we seek.


I hope this collective reading makes sense for you. I plan to revisit it every month with a monthly reading and see if anything is set to change. These collective readings on a yearly basis are difficult to pinpoint because even the smallest change can have lasting impacts. I know this reading focused heavily on the pandemic and the state of the world, but that is the unfortunate reality that we are living in. I am hopeful for the future, though, and I can’t wait to see how the year ends up.

Let me know what you think is coming to 2022 and if you have any possible different interpretations. I would love to hear what you have to say, too.



This is great! Thank you so much for all your hard work, @MeganB, this is quite the spread!
I can definitely see how January can be that in-your-face kind of month. I for one want to start the new year with more self-love but in doing so I have to get passed the things that keep me wondering why I think I deserve it. Some shadow work is on the top of the list.


It seems as if the struggles of 2021 may follow us into 2022. Not looking forward to it, but am looking forward to the work I will need to do to pull through the upcoming year. Thank you @MeganB for the reading! I, too, will be looking back on this throughout the year and see what changes, if any, will affect this reading.


@christine13 – You’re welcome! I hope you find the peace you need to start your year with self-love. Everyone deserves to love themselves!

@Athena – Looks to be a challenging year but I’m hopeful! Thanks for reading :blush:


Ouch, that looks like one tough year… good thing we’re all in this together! Thank you for the reading Megan, and have a lovely rest of the year! :heart:


This took some time and dedication to do a spread for the whole year ahead of us. Thank you @MeganB for doing this and giving us all a look into 2022 with struggles and triumphs. I look forward to going into 2022 with January’s judgments, yes even if I am the one judging myself.


@CelestiaMoon – Thanks! And I’m happy to do the reading for everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Have a lovely new year!

@debra2 – You’re welcome :blush: and I agree. I’m ready for the new year and the work that needs to be done.


I was looking forward to this! Thank you so much for the time you put in @MeganB! Always interesting and insightful. Sounds like it could be challenging, but what year isn’t? I’m looking toward the Nine of Pentacles, I love that card and seeing it in the theme position gives me a lot of hope.


I always get excited when I see your collective reading/touchbases in the forum, @MeganB- these are always a delight to read and so informative! :blush:

It’s been barely a couple of days in January and I’ve already gotten slammed with a wave of judgment in the forum of a huge health flare-up- I guess 2022 isn’t pulling any punches! :sweat_smile:

I thought I set my goals well, but it looks like I need to kick some bad habits and be better about pursuing good health this year. Perhaps it was the wake-up call I needed!

May we all pass this judgement period in January so we can take on everything the new year has in store for us- all the ups, downs, and everything in between!

We’ve got this, Infinite Roots! :infinite_roots: :heart:


@Bee12 It certainly is a hopeful card! I’m looking forward to it, too :heart:

@TheTravelWitch_Bry Oh no! I hope your flare isn’t too bad and you’re able to kick the things away that need a good kick :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you, @MeganB! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hahaha I hope so too! :grinning: