Petition to Rid Yourself of A Narcissist

This image below was computer generated. It’s for demonstration purposes only. If you are doing any type of petition work, I highly recommend hand-written as I feel there is more of a connection and commitment to it.

Why 7 times?

The significant of number 7 - Seven is the number of completeness and perfection (both physical and spiritual).

Number 7 is also a powerful symbol of endurance, persistence and inner strength. It means that you can do whatever you want. You just have to believe in yourself and in your own abilities.

Here is what you need to do…

Hand write your petition. Brown parchment paper about 3X3 is a perfect size.

Targets Name first 7 times, turn the paper and write your name on top 7 times.

Next write your petition in a circle around the names without lifting your pen. All letters should connect. Go back and dot your I’s and cross your T’s. Do NOT break contact as you write.

You can add herbs, oils or other items to the paper. (black pepper, hot pepper or banishing oil are good ones!)

Fold this petition away from you, turn it fold away again, one last turn, fold away from you.

You can add this petition to a sour jar and bury it away from the home or burn it and toss the ashes off the property.

This is for ridding yourself of a narcissistic person so do not keep it near you.

This is giving you the “upper hand” and the power of being in control.


Oh @SilverBear where was this when I was counseling… I could have saved my clients so much heartache and court time. Seriously, Narcissists are one of the most toxic personality disorders. They are unhappy people that seem to love to spread the unhappiness, and I won’t even try to explain the damage they do to their children. A healthy ego is not a bad thing, but when it gets to the point of damaging others… it is horrible.
This is not vengeance this is self protection.
THANK YOU for posting this! Definitely going into the BOS.


You are very welcome. I have had a lot of people in my group asking about narcissists lately…so I thought it was a good time to whip this out lol.


We all know people with narcissistic traits. Just remember that they are not always clinical narcissists… annoying but mostly just hurting and awkwardly seeking acceptance and approval. And lets be honest we all need to know we matter from time to time…Then you have the personality disorders. They are without moral compass and will destroy or break down the self esteem of others to be in control. They don’t care about facts but will attack with negative personal insults, lies, back stabbing and army building (but no loyalty to that army). They can charm you one day and shoot you the next. You end up walking on eggs around them.
I think it is a term we throw around a lot, but understand less. Just remember there is a whole spectrum of personalities. That is why I preach C.O.A.L… stay curious, open, accepting, and loving, but if you have to — go for distance and stay clear of the toxic influences.


I love how your spells are designed to bring back control and establish power- but always in uplifting ways that protect the caster without causing direct harm to the recipient, @Silverbear! :clap: This is another great spell to have on hand, just in case. Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:

This is some great insight, @Berta :blush: It sounds like you’ve seen it all- I love the sound of C.O.A.L and how it teaches an open and understanding mind- while accepting that sometimes we need to back away from negative influences :+1: An important lesson for sure!


Perfect for me right now! I don’t know why I didn’t see it back then, but it came to me at the perfect time. I’m going to try this & as a bonus, I was just ordering some parchment paper to be able to print some things from Spells8 that I stumbled upon. Thank you @SilverBear