Pictures of a nice Hike in the Park- Utah, USA

While my son was visiting we went to a park about 2 miles from home. It has lots of shade, caves, and a waterfall. These were taken last week by me:

Shady Area

Tree Roots and the snow melt run off

Water…Such a nice sound :ear:

More cool Tree Roots!

A Peek at the waterfall :face_with_peeking_eye:

Top of the hill :mount_fuji:

More tall rocks :mountain:

The lovely snow melt washing the rocks :shower:

The Waterfall! :ocean:

My sweety and my youngest with the waterfall. :water_element:

It was a nice hike even though it took some uphill hiking to get to the waterfall. Very worth it! The great part is it’s free and close to home. I can’t wait to explore more parks in my area! This was my second time at this one because its so awesome :wink:


It looks so beautiful and peaceful there. I love being in nature. Thank you for sharing.


Beautiful scenery! Thank you for sharing!


I feel relaxed and at ease looking at these pictures :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: You are truly blessed with some amazing nature in your backyard- how exciting to be so close to such beauty :national_park: :heart:

Thanks for sharing these lovely pics, Sarall! :sparkles:


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