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Witch Jars for Yule Decoration

Make these Yule decorations with things you already have!

Not only are they beautiful and super easy to make, but they’re meaningful and customizable to whatever kind of magic you want to create. And this same concept can work for any seasonal altar or sabbat decoration–just change out what’s inside!

Twinkly fairy lights really set them off but they’re optional. You can do this same thing without the fairy lights, and just light up the jars with candles placed in front, instead.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Jars. Use any jars you have on hand, or pick out shapes that you like. Wide mouths are easiest, but you can get creative with narrower ones, too. It’ll look more whimsical if you use all different sizes but you can also keep them similar/same and line them up neatly on your mantle or altar.
  • Crystals, Herbs, and Trinkets. Again, use anything you have on hand!
  • Fairy lights are optional. You can also use candles and candle holders to illuminate the jars.
  • Background Art (also optional). Use a tarot card, postcard, print, drawing, photographs of loved ones, or other small art in the back of the jar to set up a little scene. This is a super cute look with almost endless possibilities.
  • Anything else you like!

What to do:

Make Your Witch Jars:

Set up each jar with a little vignette inside. Mix herbs, crystals, statuary, art, and whatever else has meaning for you. You can go for looks, or you can mix and match magical elements and correspondences to give each jar a specific intention. This is the fun part where you can get creative and see your jar come to life. Here are some ideas:

  • Make a manifestation jar of things you want in the new year
  • Use traditional imagery to represent the return of the sun and the light
  • Find things that represent your favorite deities or witchcraft folklore
  • Create an altar of remembrance for an ancestor or loved one by using their photo
  • Or you could come up with something entirely unique to you!

Set up the lights:

Place the jars on your altar, mantle or wherever you’d like them to go. Wrap your copper string lights around the top of each jar a couple times. The lights will then illuminate the contents of your witch jar with a magical glow!

If you don’t have the fairy lights that’s ok, you can still make the jars and illuminate them by placing small candles in front.


Here is one of mine…
I used a spice jar (which I always save because they are handy)
Nine of Pentacles - which I read represents material abundance
A rabbit totem - rabbit is fertility and abundance
7 coins -again mirroring the tarot card is “dedication to work”
Holly-fertility and eternal life, thought to have magical powers
Sun cross to draw my intention through the year.
Red ribbon-physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire


This sounds fun and easy for a Yuletide activity! :christmas_tree: I like the idea of using what you have at hand.

Thanks for sharing, Berta! Also, do you have a photo of Yule witch jars?


Thanks for the Yule post! Just hearing the word gets me amped up for the holidays. I save my herb jars, too! Actually, most jars. Lol


How pretty! I like that, thank you for sharing that idea!


So beautiful, @Berta! :heart_eyes: And it doesn’t break the wallet when we use things already on hand- I love it! :grin:

Ohhhh I love your suggestion about adding fairy lights inside. So magickal and sparkly! :sparkles:

Really nicely done- thanks so much for sharing your creativity and brilliant ideas :two_hearts: