Pluto Retrograde Exercises

Did you know that we currently have 4 planets in Retrograde? Pluto the Lord of the Underworld, entered retrograde on April 27, 2021, creating a shift in our cosmic skies. It won’t go direct until later this year on October 6, 2021.

Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn. As Pluto travels retrograde, it will backtrack from 26 degrees of Capricorn to 24 degrees of Capricorn. As you can see, Pluto moves incredibly slowly but these degrees of Capricorn are considered highly spiritual and represent learning how to find the Divine even in the most mundane parts of our existence.

Pluto in Capricorn shines a light on big business, banking, and top-down power, but as it reaches these final degrees of Capricorn, there is a new element introduced of learning to honor the spiritual and find a deeper meaning in our existence and journey through life.

Pluto Retrograde Exercises:

Bring the energy of Pluto Retrograde to life by working on these exercises. Pluto Retrograde is strongest around the time it stations retrograde which is April 27, 2021 and around the time it stations direct, October 6, 2021. You can also do these exercises at the start and end of the retrograde to see how your perspective has shifted.

1.) What three key themes have been present in your life from October 2020-April 2021? Journal on how these themes have influenced you and what you hope to learn or gain moving forward.

2.) Write a letter to your younger self, explaining what your 2021 has been like so far and what you wish for your younger self to keep in mind.

3.) If you notice repetitive themes cropping up, look back to the past and and ask yourself- What do I wish I knew then that I know now? Make a list of 10-15 points, and then see how you can apply those points to what you are going through now.

4.) Use the following journal prompts-

  • I can rebirth my life by…
  • I am most powerful when…
  • What is no longer working in my life…
  • It is safe for me to let go of…

5.) As Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth, think about what you would like to see rebirthed in your own life and for the planet. Write it down, draw a picture, or visualize it in your minds-eye.


Does Pluto count as a planet for astrology reasons? Because I don’t think it’s a planet anymore for astrological reasons. Just wondering!


It’s no longer astronomically a planet but it does effect astrology still as a planet.


Very cool! Thanks so much, love!


I’m bookmarking this thank you lovely :heart: I definetly caught the astrology bug during the zodiac challenge lol :grin: I don’t know how I’m going to retain all the info though, I’m going to need a bigger book :joy::heart:


I have a binder dedicated to my astrology everything :rofl:


That settles it then, I’m going to need to get a binder to deal with the mass of information in this community :joy::heart:
Journals for thoughts and shadow work and binders for information, does this feel like college? Kind of feels like college, wait…is this like magic college :grin: I love it :heart:


I have 5 binders & they make up my BOS. One is for worksheets/books, tarot spreads, & things that I fill out or are blanks. It also has the pages for my altar & the things that I do there: setup, Brigid Invocation, the Sacred Circle, Candle Magic (added today :rofl:), & the tools that I use there. The second is all of the information I have on types of magic & herbs, incense, essential oils, recipes, rituals, spells, prayers, crafting sacred items or things to be used in any of the above. The third is Esbats well, most things to do with the moon… Full Moon Rituals & if available, the accompanying worksheets, Full Moon Calendar, Moon Phase Information… & it also has Sabbats. The information pages, rituals, & worksheets for them. The fourth has Deities & their information/prayers/Invocation & it’s mostly Triple Goddess, Brigid, Celtic Deities, & ones from Spells8 that I have used like Hecate. Then Divination & mostly all the astrology information that I have & birth charts, numerology chart, western & primal zodiac signs & information, personality type report, compatibility reports… all the astrology things :star_and_crescent: :star: :comet: The last book is just about crystals, my crystal cards, checking chakras with a pendulum, information & correspondences, affirmations, e-books on working with them & more recently… crystal grids & any other general information I want to remember on them. Oh! It also has any worksheets that I filled out or were part of my spell are in the back of it filed by date. (I have a weird organization, OCD, information retention thing going on, I know, it makes me smile too.) Then! I have a file folder with my labels & blank labels & also information that I need to put in a binder. I went through & reorganized them today. I took anything that I haven’t looked at or used since I printed them. I went through a “save & print ALL the printables.” I thought I had to do & have it all… oh my, how silly of me :rofl:

I may have a problem to add to my list :joy: :blush: :crazy_face:


We’ve got Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn in retrograde- oh my! Thank goodness to the wonderful @Siofra for keeping us updated, you’re amazing! :sparkling_heart:

Pluto is tied to Scorpio, and it looks like it will be going direct again just before Scorpio season begins in October :scorpius:. Until then, this is great info and some wonderful excerises to make use of our time in Pluto retrograde!

Thanks again, Siofra- I love reading these posts! :blush:


You are very welcome! I love these posts too. Jupiter will be going retrograde this month too. Busy month for the cosmos!


I really enjoyed all this information and I like the journal prompts. I know that since were going into a new phase we are suppose to go inn introspectively to see how well we did for this season. I know that were going to have a death or a rebirth.
Thank you Siofra I am glad you did the digging!
Blessed be!:sparkles:


You’re welcome @Jeannie1, I don’t mind doing the digging for these things. I enjoy everything astrology. I’m happy that others like the information as well. I hope you have a great day!