Poetry to express feelings ( may be triggering)

So this is a little dark

I wrote this a few years back to express my feelings on…. Well the man who sexually hurt me was found not guilty.


I’m so sorry this happened to you.


It happens. But its not a big deal i did my therapy sessions. Those really didn’t help but whatever. Who really ended up helping me was hekate. She came to me in a dream. Sat with me. And basically told me not in words but she told me shes here. She was the first deity to actually show herself to me. Im still not sure why it was her who came to my aid. It could simply be that i was unknowingly calling out to her. There was this un used train tracks area I would spend my days just listening to music and drawing I didn’t know it at the time but i had been hiding from reality at a crossroads. The train tracks i felt safe at, just happened to be a tracks crossroads.


I’m so sorry that this happened. I’m glad that you found some comfort with a deity that came to you. It is never easy to go through that sort of thing especially if they were never called to account for what they did, because there can be a sense of vindication when someone is brought to justice in knowing it wasn’t your fault what they did. But just know even though they were not charged or found guilty, it was NOT your fault. No one should ever force themself on another. While that person may not of been bought to task for their actions or officially made accountable for their actions, they are the one at fault. I’m glad you have found someone who can and seems to of brought comfort in this difficult time. You are not alone and this is a lovely community if you ever need support or to reach out. Please know your welcome and safe here. The ppl here have been lovely, and that is coming from someone whose had similar experiences. I hope your doing ok and that hekate can continue to bring comfort and help and know you are not alone here.


I’m sorry this happened and that you didn’t get justice. I’m glad you’re here now and are safe. :people_hugging: