Positive vibes for my husband

Hi All! Happy Solstice! :bouquet:

Unfortunately our day has taken a little turn for the worse! My husband went to the doctors to have his foot looked at, as it was all swollen, hot and painful and had steadily got worse over night.

He has since been taken to the hospital via ambulance and placed on a drip with a suspected blood infection! :cry: he has had xrays to check if it has gone to the bone and we are just waiting for the results now.

Because of the covid situation we can’t go and visit him and he may have to be kept in for a few days if the infection doesn’t show signs of improving soon.

Please can I ask for some positive healing energy to be sent to him? :sparkles::heartpulse:

Definitely not the Solstice/Father’s Day weekend we had planned! I feel so sorry for him! :pensive:


Hon Sha ze sho nen :raised_hands: Sending some reiki to your husband!

Please keep us updated! Sending love and light your way too! :pray:


Oh no :cry: Sending lots of love and positive energy your way! Fingers crossed he will recover soon :dizzy:


Oh no…sending love and healing light to your family.


Thank you all!! :sparkling_heart: Hes back home now with lots of antibiotics and orders to rest for at least a week.

Luckily they caught it before it spread to the bone- 24 hours longer and he would have lost his foot!!! :sob:

All from a tiny cut on the sole of his foot! :weary:


:astonished: :astonished: That was close!!!

Good thing he went to a doctor right away! :hospital: I’m glad he’s doing okay now!


Me too! Scary times! :flushed:

I am so glad to hear your husband is doing better now- what a terrifying event! It’s a good thing you caught it so early.

I’m sending lots of love and warm wishes- I wish him a speedy and successful recovery! :heart: