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Hello everyone!

I have a request….
I noticed most of the links available for amazon are all for the American site.
For amazon links you post in the forum is there anyway we could post both the amazon . C o m, and links?


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I hope you don’t mind, but I moved your post to a more specific category. This helps us keep things in the forum neat and tidy.

When you are talking about Amazon links, do you mean links here on the forum or links on the Spells8 main site? I’ll tag @Francisco in here, as he’s the creator behind Spells8. He’ll be able to answer this question better than I can :blush:


Not sure if it’s doable but great idea. And welcome



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Merry meet @andria2!

Just want to start by wishing you a warm welcome to the forum :blush:

I completely understand the difficulties with different regional sites- I go back and forth between the US and Europe and it makes my poor Amazon account quite confused! :sweat_smile:

I did a bit of research and it looks like, while although there is an Amazon Global Site that connects products from other Amazon regions, it is the .com address used primarily by those currently in the US.

That being said, you might be able to use the .com version of Amazon while in Canada as long as your delivery address (on the top left of the screen, right next to the words “Amazon”) is correct. Additionally, if you have the name of the product you are searching for, you could copy it into your regional Amazon account and run the search that way.

Just offering up a few ideas from someone who often finds themselves juggling regional Amazon (and Netflix and YouTube) differences! :handshake: :grinning: Francisco may have some other ideas for you too!

Blessed be and happy shopping! :shopping: :sparkles:


@BryWisteria gave you a perfect answer. My 2 cents would be to log into in a browser, and changing your default store from there to

You can also do that here: Change your Amazon Account Country - Amazon Customer Service it should allow you to be automatically directed to the Canadian Amazon website.


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