Powder that goes poof?

Hi so i was just was remembering a doco i watched a while back about witches and such, and remembered one of the male witches used a powder like substance and put it into his cauldron at the end of a spell and it kid of went “poof” into a mini explosion with smoke… Does anyone know the real name of it and what they are used for? Is it for real magickal purposes or just for aesthetically pleasing reasons…


I think that may be cinnamon powder. I have seen a similar video and was wondering what they were using and then later I read somewhere that cinnamon powder does that but I keep forgetting to try it.


Flash powder maybe?

Wiki flash powder

Amazon, of course


Wow really cinnamon powder… I tried to research it but came up as Floo powder like In the Harry potter movies lol :laughing: :woman_facepalming:


Thanks will check them out. Amazon just handy isn’t it. Ebay and Etsy are another among my favourites to get supplies when i can source them locally…


Just question i looked it up look dangerous? I am not sure i want to scare the life out of my husband and kids lol… Wouldn’t know how much to use …


Yeah, it would definitely take some research, maybe some consultation with an expert, and some outdoor experimentation before I would be comfortable with using it.


Hahaha just don’t trust me with explosives lol. The closest i eve came to doing or even touching anything dangerous was the bunsen burner at school in the science lab which i ‘accidently’ left the gas on in front of me on and almost lit the whole class on fire :woman_facepalming: I am so glad we had close supervision by the teacher as i had no idea what i was doing and never even touched a gas oven/stove let alone a bunsen burner :laughing:


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