Prayer request - upcoming court case

Hi there everyone - hope you’re all excited for Samhain! I know I am :jack_o_lantern: :fallen_leaf:

Some of you may have seen me mention an ongoing court case that my partner and I have been dealing with. We received notice earlier today that the motion we have been eagerly waiting for will be happening tomorrow. I know it is last minute notice, but I am hoping that one or some of you out there can join me in prayers for protection, karmic restoration, and justice through Hecate or other deity of your choice.

This case has been emotionally and mentally taxing on myself, my partner, their child, and his extended family due to repeated lies and attacks by his ex-partner and her lawyer to try to paint us as “the bad guys” so that they can win. This has been going on since June of 2020 and it has been drawn out not only by the pandemic, but by his ex-partner refusing any offers to settle and purposely dragging things out. In reality, we are only concerned for the well-being of the very young child that is involved; however, we unfortunately cannot say the same for the other side. It is a very sad situation but I have promised to dedicate myself to helping her navigate this difficult time the best I can, as I went through some similar things as a child.

Anyway. I will be performing these rituals tonight and possibly again in the morning:

Hecate’s Justice Devotional Prayer
Spell to Win a Court Case
Return to Sender Spell

The motion starts at 10am ET on Friday, October 29th. It may take the judge a week to come back with a final ruling.

If there is anything else I could be doing, let me know. I also plan to be repeating, for the whole day, the chant that @Francisco told me about:

Lord and lady, hear me pray
Judge and jury, rule my way!

I love that one, lol! Thank you for reading and for your prayers. :pray: :prayer_beads:

Blessed be,
Beth :eight_pointed_black_star:


I did my best to draw Hecate’s sigil, and I had feathers and a piece of peach moonstone to use as offerings to Hecate. I called her and Bast in my affirmation for justice spell, and placed that as well as the bay leaves inside the container with the lemon after completing all three rituals. Oh I threw in a chant to Hecate as well lol.

I left the sigil, moonstone, and feathers on top of the container and put it all under my bed. Hopefully there’s no doubt as to who I’m calling in for help lol. I don’t have a proper altar as I’m still in the broom closet so this is the best I can do for now. Thanks again everyone. :eight_pointed_black_star:

So mote it be.


Keeping you in my thoughts and I will light a candle for you in the morning.
Blessed Be,


@Eliza_Beth i lit a candle for you and will send some extra support your way.


My name is Jeannie I just wanted to send you some Red Jasper Energy it corresponds to Aries :aries: Fire :fire: it is the number 6 it also resonates with the planet Mars​:fire: I know “as if”Mars is the angry :rage: planet
But Red Jasper can help assist you with Strength, Stabilization, balance, Vitality I feel this stones helps my anger and assist with my emotions!
It can help you banish your ill feelings so you can communicate well. It helps you to have concentration and focus for this time I believe this stone will help. It also assist with having compassion and it helps you with your energy, grounding, intelligence, negativity, optimism, prosperity, protection, stability, strength and well-being!
Red Jasper’s energy pattern is so stable that it tends to stabilize one’s own energies if one wears or carries it and keeps it in the environment. Such stabilization can lead to good health, balance emotions, truthful expression and just actions!
I thought it would be a good stone for you since your working with Hecate this stone Bontical is Garlic and Hecate loves Garlic :garlic: This is a stone that helps in the direction of East which is the air your thinking, thoughts and which triggers emotions! This stone William give you the confidence you need! This stone also helps with releasing anything! It’s good to be grounded it helps with the root chakra!
I lite this candle :candle:
Hail Hecate our dark mother help my dear friend with court!
Hail Hecate Give her your sovereignty
Hail Hecate wise one you give her all she needs!
Hail Hecate you hold the mighty flames so she can be met at the crossroads!
Hail Hecate
You lite the way
Hail Hecate
You give her the key :key: to your power
Hail Hecate
You are mighty
Hail Hecate
Justice be served!

May you be blessed by her light!
Blessed be!


I really like your sigil, You did a really good job! I tried over and over and have not been able to do that like you did! It really is the thing I tried and well I should keep trying! I feel her power in you! Thank you for sharing!
Blessed Be!


Still a few hours away, but I will have you in my thoughts all morning and into the afternoon, Elizabeth! :pray:

You’ve chosen some perfect spellwork for the occasion. May your magick burn brightly and lead the way to justice for you and your partner. Good luck at court!

:candle: :heart:


@Eliza_Beth I used the legal blessings spell that @Francisco suggested in my Post from when I first joined the coven and the forum except I modified it to be a jar spell. It was successful. My estranged husband was released two days later. And I used it again on a case for me and it was successful. I’m actually getting everything ready to do one for a client and another for myself for my court case on November 5th.

If you’d like me to send you the recipe/instructions on how I did it I’d be happy to share it with you. Just send me a message or something.
Otherwise I will pray for you and light a candle for things to go in your favor. Blessed be


Hey Beth!

Thanks a lot for sharing, I know it takes courage to do so.

But worry not, you’re protected by the Universe, anything that happen will be the best scenario for you and your surroundings, just have a heart and mind open. I’ll light a candle and pray to Hecate for your well being, wishing you all the light and understanding at this time of need.

Good luck and blessed be, and be sure that She is by your side :full_moon:


That was beautiful! You’re absolutely right, red jasper definitely uplifts and empowers!
Goddess I love that skull! :skull:


I work with Bast as well as Isis. I could conjour up something that may help.
And light blue crystals are associated with the throat chakra. They are to help you communicate and speak with truth and integrity.
May your voice be heard :pray:


Sending you good wishes and prayers, my dear. May the truth be heard and believed.


I am going through something similar. I am sorry it is so painful. I see that your case was heard today so I will focus energy on your ruling because my case will probably not be heard until this summer. Tomorrow I will light an orange candle for you and send good energy your way :slight_smile: I do these spells, too!


Thank you everyone for your prayers and positive energy. We did not get a resolution the case however the motion was a step in the right direction. Now we must wait a few months for the next. The wheels of justice are turning… slowly, but still turning.

@Rowan - thank you for lighting the candle. I know it helped.
@Jeannie1 - you have sparked an interest in red jasper for me. Thank you for the wonderful prayer to Hecate. I will be saving that and using it in the future if that’s okay with you.
@TheTravelWitch thank you. Some of our opposition’s more “inventive” motions were stricken which is a relief going into the next one.
@phoenix_dawn I’ll be sending you that message now for the instructions. Bless you for sharing your wisdom. :pray:
@WhiteFox she was indeed by my side - I could feel it :star2:
@christina4 I’ll look into some light blue crystals next - thank you!!
@Amethyst the truth WILL be heard :heartpulse: thank you.
@mary25 it is indeed painful but indeed justice will prevail. Thank you for lighting the orange candle :orange_heart: happy to do the same for you whenever you may need a boost.

Blessed be to each and every one of you and yours, and happy Samhain!


I’m sorry you have to wait. Hopefully, things will go well for you!