Pride Magick🌈

I was trying to wait until June to do this, but I couldn’t wait.
As a queer witch,I find it hard to find resources on lgbtq+ magick.Alot of modern day witchery and paganism has a big emphasis on cishetronormativity,so us queer folk often get missed out. So I have decided to compile a list of lgbtq+ magick!

  1. Colour Magick :art:
    This one’s quite simple. Pride flags are a huge part of lgbtq+ culture,so exploring how the different colours can be used for spells is a good way to combine magick and queerness.
  2. Symbols :female_sign::transgender_symbol::male_sign:
    Alot of lgbtq+ identities have corresponding symbols to them,such as the venus symbol for w/nblw or the mars symbol for m/nblm. See how you can combine alchemical/planetary symbols and pride.
  3. Honour an lgbtq+ deity :rainbow_flag:
    Apollo,Dionysus,Isis,Seth etc all have a few lgbtq+ myths surrounding them. Check out this article for more information on lgbtq+ deities Make an offering to one or more of these deities. Ask them to keep all queer folk safe.
  4. Honour a deity of love :heart:
    Aphrodite,Eros,Hathor etc. Honour them, ask for their blessing on a relationship. Ask them to protect queer folk.
  5. Honour yourself!
    Pride is all about loving yourself,so make sure to do that! Take some time to do some self-care. Allow yourself to exist without judgement.
  6. Honour lgbtq+ people from the past📚
    This one is inspired by this video from Sam Wise about a queer ancestor altar they created. This is a good one to honour and celerbrate those who helped fight for lgbtq+ rights and those who stood up for themselves.

Other general stuff

  • Learn about queer topics
  • Support queer creators and buisnesses
  • Go to a pride parade
  • Donate to a charity
  • Make sure your lgbtq+ friends and family know you support them
  • Protest for lgbtq+ rights
  • Sign petitions
  • Show your pride
  • Read lgbtq+ books
  • Watch lgbtq+ shows and movies

I hope this inspires people and to my fellow queer folk,your aren’t alone :heart:
Blessed Be and happy (almost) pride!


Wow! Mind blown! This is amazing! You can feel every bit of love coming from each word of your post. For members of the lgbtq+ family and allies alike this truly is a wonderful post @jem1

I don’t identify as lgbtq+ but I would like to consider myself an ally. And you have inspired me to learn more and incorporate more thought to honoring the lgbtq+ community through my practice and prayers.

Thank you so much for sharing your passion and most importantly your pride. Happy (almost) pride. :rainbow:


This is a great post! You’ve put a lot of love and hard thought into it and it shows! Thank you for sharing!


I found your post insightful and have always been an ally. I am positive you will find many allies here. Thank you for sharing and bringing this to light!


I’m so happy that you didn’t wait until June @jem1! This is a great post. I have always been an ally.

Actually, thinking about it… as many know I started practicing with a friend in high school. However, I had an older cousin that at the time was into Ouija Boards, Spirits… so when I was 9 I was babysat by my Aunt, so he & I played games or whatever (he’s only close to 2 years older than I).

Later on, when I started high school, he was already there he told his parents & the family over some time that he was gay & he had a boyfriend. Then later but, around the same timeframe, I remember hearing something about him being a Wizard or a Warlock. (it wasn’t a witch, but I remember thinking why don’t they just say, witch? :thinking:)

I had my first son a few years later & went to him & his husband’s Handfasting Marriage Ceremony. Oh wow, all kinds of things just came together like a puzzle in my head :jigsaw: :rofl:

Thank you for your post! I really enjoyed reading it & I learned a few things! :two_hearts:


@jem1 , Well, sweetie, I had to look that one up. All I can say is be who your are, love who you want, be kind and tolerant.
In almost all species on this planet, there’s “homosexuality”. Sometime, in the long past, someone decreed that it made them uncomfortable and was therefore wrong. Well, guess what? It isn’t, it’s just your choice! And no one else’s business.
My son, when he was in his mid-teens (the smart a$$ stage.)told me he was gay. I replied that I didn’t care, I loved him and just wanted him happy. He laughed and said, ‘I was kidding.’ I gave him a hug and whispered in his ear. “I wasn’t.” And that was the end of that discussion.
It’s like witchcraft, what you are, what you practice, what you do, if it hurts no one? I don’t have the least problem with.


@Garnet thanks Garnet, u just remind of 2020 when I was a lesbian, my partner really mearnt a lot to me, I just think u rekindle the gay part of me, I think I will go out and celebrate some beautiful pride days


Ooh, i love this @amara I’m also glad that you didnt wait until June to share this magic! I am bookmarking this!!


Its funny that you said that because there was an after school club called Allies. Of course it dealt with lgbtq issues and just to be in a safe place to talk about our issues.

One issue that arose was a good friend of mine (who was transgender) was bullied so bad he took his life and it hurt so bad finding that out.

Anyway, ill always be me and ill always be an ally!


I’m sorry about your friend :heart: It’s horrible to think how much words can have an affect on people.


Thanks love💓


This is awesome, @jem1 :heart_eyes: :tada:

You’ve collected so many wonderful ways to celebrate pride in magick- the color work, the symbolism, the deities- yes, yes, yes! :raised_hands:

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like I hear a lot about the Greek Pantheon and their not-so-straight adventures :laughing: :+1: I read the Song of Achilles a while back and really enjoyed it, and just the other day I was recommended The Dark Wife- a lesbian retelling of the story of Hades and Persephone :heart: There are certainly plenty of deities that resonate with the LGBT+ community!

I’ve seen this too- especially in older magical works. In some traditions, there is a very heavy empahis on strictly male + female roles, making those materials feel uninclusive for those who aren’t in a cishet pair or who don’t fit the gender binary.

Luckily, a lot of modern witchcraft practices are much more inclusive! :blush: Spells8 hosts traditional materials and delves into male and female energies, but a lot of the wording is more inclusive and open. And at the Beltane celebrations in Scotland, they choose the roles based on energy rather than sex- last year the Green Man was played by a female actress (which I thought was really cool!) :heart:

I know there’s always more ways to improve, but I personally think the magickal community has come a long way over the past few decades in making things more welcoming and inclusive- and it’s really heartening to see! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for putting together this awesome list of pride magick, Jem!

Blessed be and happy pride month to you too! :sparkling_heart: :rainbow_flag:


What a great post with great ideas! Thank you for sharing this with us


I love this!! I myself am part of the “alphabet mafia” as they say over on the TikyTok. Plus my youngest sibling just came out last year as FTM transgender. He is a completely different person now that he can be who he is meant to be! We both practice paganism and witchcraft so it is like a small LGBTQ+ bonding moment for us, lol. He was granted his legal name change this past February and we were so excited. He lives with my parents in a VERY small town in Texas. We were prepared for a fight (I even had prayed to Themis and Apollo to give us a good outcome) but the judge was actually amazing and was grinning from ear to ear when he approved the request! The Universe was watching out for him on that one!

Not just you! I worked with Apollo for a while and he is most definitely part of the gang! So is his twin sister Artemis. Apollo actually said he choose to work with me because he wanted me to accept who I was. He was a crucial part of me fully accepting my bisexual identity and not shying away from it (being in Texas I wouldn’t mention it unless I was 100% sure I knew the other person).

I am excited to celebrate Pride month with my brother for the first time this year!!


@jem1 this is awesome! Both my children are apart of lgbtq. I’m excited to share this with my babies. Thank you for this post :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


That’s amazing- I’m so happy to hear it all worked out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: A huge congrats to your little bro on his journey :heart::transgender_flag:

Hahaha I’m glad its not just me! :laughing: There’s a lot of wonderful (and crazy!) things that draw people to the Greek Pantheon, and it does indeed seem like an especially open and welcoming place to the LGBT+ community :blush:

I haven’t dug too deep into Apollo and his story yet, but from the exploring and studies I’ve done, I agree I’ve got that vibe about Artemis too :+1: :bow_and_arrow: :rainbow_flag:


I’m late to the party on this one, but I’m so glad I found this post! I’m currently working through the introductory courses (I’m a new Spell8 member) and one of the journal prompts in the Spellcasting 101 Intro asked me to reflect on my fears associated with witchcraft. This was my number 1 fear: my daughter came out as transgender this past summer and she lives very comfortably in the non-binary space, where some days she presents very feminine, some days very masculine, some days both, and some days neither. The traditional magic texts focus very much on male and female duality and my fear was that she’d struggle to find protection in the magical community. I can see that the duality exists entirely within her; she’s fortunate enough that she will never need an opposite sex partner to feel that strength. However, when I’ve read some of the traditional magic texts, the interpretation seems to be that the God and Goddess are separate entities who work together and there doesn’t seem to be any room for the possibility that masculine and feminine can co-exist in a single being.

I appreciate the diety suggestions and I suspect you are correct that finding the right diety to work with can help me find the best ways to love and protect my daughter in my practice. :purple_heart:


Can i ask a question, and im sorry if its a silly question but does asexual ppl fall under lgbtq+ banner or is that something different.


Congrats to her/him/them for coming out! :partying_face: It sounds like your child is very blessed to have such a loving and supportive mom :heart::blush:

This is a great answer and one that I’ve found for myself too :+1: After all, no one is completely 100% “feminine energy” or “masculine energy”- I believe true health and stability are found when someone has balance and harmony between these two energies :balance_scale: If you look at the yin-yang symbol, there is a dot of yin (feminine) in yang (masculine) and vice versa, symbolizing that neither of them are exclusive :yin_yang:

You’re right that many traditional texts (as well as some Wiccan and other God-Goddess based paths) focus on masculine vs. feminine in separation, but as someone who doesn’t really follow a God-Goddess path, for me I look at the great vastness of the Universe and think “how could I ever slap a gender label on this?” :joy: The Universe and its divinity, to me, is something that goes beyond the boundaries of gender and labels.

That being said, I’m a very Eclectic Witch and these views are purely my own- I’m sure you and your daughter will discover your own answers that feel best for you! I wish you all the best and am cheering you on as you continue to build your own practice(s) and beliefs :heart::blush:

Love and Light you, @jill8! :sparkles:

Hi @Phoenix_Fire- it’s not a silly question at all!

I’m just one person and no one person can represent the views and opinions of a group as vast and diverse as the LGBT+ community, but I personally would say yes- I consider asexual people to be members of the community.

Although some give it a different definition, the most common definition for the “A” in LGBQIA+ that I have heard is for asexual. You’ll often see asexual flags at Pride parades and community events, and many LGBT+ groups list definitions and guides about asexuality on their sites.

Again, others may have their own opinions on this (which is absolutely fine!), but I hope sharing my thoughts here could help you a bit!

Lots of love and light to you :blush:


@TheTravelWitch_Bry thanks for your insight and your interpretation on this! :purple_heart: