Printable Pages for Deities?

Hi! was just curious as to whether or not there were printable on the deities? I have the section in my BoS, but the devotionals didn’t feel right going there… I had put them under Invocation/Evocation. I was looking for things more specific as to their histories, what they rule over, their symbolism, correspondences, etc etc. Almost like a profile reference for the gods :smiley:


There is a course section about Godesses & there will be 1 about Gods with that information as images, not as printables yet. I’m not sure if they are in the works, @Francisco would be a good person to ask though.

The only other printables currently on the site are the Invocations, Prayers, & the like that is posted for deities.


Ahh! Thank you so much :slight_smile: I wasn’t sure if I had missed a portion of the site or not haha there’s a lot of info, so it was certainly a plausible thought


I don’t think there is, but that’s a good idea!


Greetings @Velle!

I did some digging and checked the Witch Cheat Sheets PDFs (Printables pages with general info) but like the others, I couldn’t seem to find a collection of specifically Deity printable pages.

There is a Triple Goddess and Horned God Printable Page:
(God/Goddess Page available here)

And most of the deities have a printable page on their individual devotional page on Spells8 (such as Dionysus and Bast, for example)- you should be able to see and download the page if you scroll to the bottom of their pages.

Additionally, there is a Divider Page for Deities (as well as a Prayers Page and Invocations/Evocations Page) available in the Divider Printable Pages Collection:

(Deities page available here)

But I absolutely agree- I think it would be great to have a collection of all the Deity Printable Pages in one place! Perhaps we can add it onto the To-Do List, @Francisco? :grinning:


Thanks for the suggestion! :+1: That’s a good idea. I will work on that and update it here.