Problem accessing pages on the site

So when I pull up spells8 in my browser I always go to my account and sign in but for some reason when I go to things like spell recipes or guided meditations it takes me to a page with a door asking me to sign in or sign up. My membership lapsed a couple of months ago and I haven’t been able to afford to renew it yet and I thought maybe that was the issue… However tonight I tried to do the purple candle guided meditation (which I’ve been able to do before since my membership lapsed) and it took me back to the door page even though it said I was still signed in :thinking: I’ve never been able to access the blue one but the others seemed to pull up just fine tonight. I have the same issue when trying to access the diy apothecary pages.:woman_shrugging:t3: Is it a membership thing or is my lack of techs-pertice the issue? I feel like I’m missing a lot but I can’t seem to figure out how to get past that crazy door. :rofl: I’ve tried every way I can think of and it’s not opening for me. Maybe I need a A Spell to Burn Away Obstacles :fire:.


Greetings @phoenix_dawn,

Sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble accessing content on the site- thanks for bringing it to our attention! :+1:

While a lot of the content on Spells8 is available for the public to view, I know that some content is only accessible to members who are logged in. And of the private content, I believe that some pages may only be accessible to members with an active subscription.

Tagging @Francisco here- he will have the best answer for you about this! :grin:

Blessed be :sparkles:


Hi Megan!

Yes, it was because your membership had expired. I saw that you were able to renew so I hope everything is working okay now.

Blessed Be!


I was! Thanks to @christina4 and also to you @Francisco I was gifted a membership and I am taking full advantage and diving head first into the level 2 courses. I’m so blessed and excited to be able to have amazing talented friends here and so much helpful information to help me grow and become an even stronger witch!


Excellent! :smiley: