Protection spells (possbible trigger)

Hi I hope your all well. I’m not sure if this is the place to ask, I’m new here and new to the craft. I just had a question about protection spells.
I was so excited to try the lunar spell ritual today n even tried cleansing my unit before I started and I was told I needed to open doors n window so negative energy had a place to go. Using incence probably a good idea for my asthma as well. But after id done the ritual I’d heard a noise outside n though I think wind blew my front door open a bit further than I’d left it is turned off lights in that part of the house n as I’d come away from a bad situation where I feared those people coming after me (this before I’d even started on a magical path) I’d seen cars parked outside my place on street at odd times, banging that couldn’t figure out where came from n someone from that group had found me on Facebook account that was not easily identified as me the last time that happened. I thought they’d backed off and left me alone and stopped fearing them coming after me or trying to take me by force. But last night there was banging and police down on street with a car n they followed them a way. Tonight I heard a noise outside my door (is been quiet as it was late, near midnight) but after seeing door more open I’d feared someone broke in. I checked door locked n looked no one out there that could see, I checked rest of house n as I charge my daily used crystals on balcony I went to get them and saw another car parked on side of road where if anyone in there they would of been able to see me. I sent my prayers to the deities, lit incence n candle to those I see as protectors and went to look for protection spell or something to help keep me safe. Maybe it’s not related and just coincidence but I have to go to work tommoeiw or today now as it’s past midnight but I’m new and don’t know what protection spells could help keep myself safe from someone coming after me. I don’t wish them harm, that’s not my way even before I found my magical path but there’s so much information I’m not sure which would help. I wear a hemitite crystal everyday for protection and grounding but I think I might need a bit of extra protection. It might be nothing or coincidence but does anyone know a spell or something could do to keep someone away coming after me. I’m still traumatised from my experience in that group and was terrified when thought they would come after me. I thought I was safe from them. But I see stuff that protects from negative energy but I’m not sure if that would help in this situation. And I’m so new, though been learning so much is been nervous to try spells incase I got it wrong. Now I think I need one to protect myself but I don’t know what would help here. I don’t know if protection from negative energies would also protect from people. And again I don’t want any harm to come to them no matter what they had done, their own actions will come back to them one day n that’s just not who I am. But while I was nervous to post esp being so new this situation has left me rattled and I’m like not sure what might help. So I figured mat be ask the people on here who may have ideas and would more likely have more experience. I don’t want to involve police incase it’s nothing or coincidence. I’ve been gaslit alot esp by these ppl so I doubt my intuition or senses but I could feel something was wrong. Now I’m in try find a way to protect myself mode. I’m not so afraid of spirits, my work has been haunted since before I got there but I get on with the spirits there even before I understood all this stuff or started looking into magical practices. But the living, and people I knew or trusted have been an issue many times in the past and esp recently. I’m sorry if this is too much information or the wrong place to ask. I just don’t know where else to ask and I figure maybe someone on here might (having more experience than me) might know which spell or ritual or something might help protect me from these people or unwanted attention. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Again my apologies if too much information n I tried to not say anything triggering even if I’m scared myself. I’m trying to stay calm and look at what info is here and ask for guidance from deities but it’s hard to know what might work or what’s used for certain situations n not others. Again any advice would be appreciated. .


Not sure if a spell is going to help you if people are following you. The police are your best bet there, without knowing more of the situation. But you can find a whole host of protection spells Here and there might be something that will help you out.

But if someone is opening your doors and the like, and it’s not a spirit, you need the police.


Hi Amethyst,
Firstly I love your name. Its the name of my favourite crystal😊secondly, thankyou for your reply. Yeah I don’t think whoever it was managed to open the door and I checked, the screen door was was still locked, i think the wind just blew the solid door open more but thinking later the sound I heard could of been someone trying to open the door. I’d suffered some bad traumas at the hands of a few of these ppl and the group as a whole though I know that’s not what everyone from that group is like just certain ppl in it. Not knowing for sure It was one of them or if it was just ato random just maybe trying to open door, I didn’t want to involve police as without hard proof it was one of them they couldn’t do anything. N they didnt get in, i checked the house n iButt was all clear but it left me shaken. I do have a code word with a Lady I work with and ppl who know of that safety issue so a quick message if I can send one before being grabbed or stopped from dending for help will let them know they had come after me. These ppl know where I live and cars seeming to follow me since that person found my face book account (Now deactivated) and cars park outside my unit n police turning up when one of those ppl had found me on a Facebook account that had no picture of me and they hadn’t known about was what made me worry as that person had gone after another person who had left that group in the past. Then the night before more banging like that night NI police again turning up… then the noise at front door and randim car outsuse units… i didnt sleep much at all but I will let a few ppl know who know situation that something has occured that could be an issue but the terror I go through and hence 2hrs sleep last night I felt I needed some thing in place just incase.

After some prayers, incence and candle burning asking deities for protection and guidance what to do or what to use to protect myself today as I don’t have a car so more chance of trouble. I packed any crystal I could find had some potential to help that I had and in the end cause some spells i did find when looked needed things I didn’t have and wasn’t sure if it related just to repelling ppl from bothering me or whether it just stopped their energy from affecting me I wasn’t sure which would be helpful. I did as I have Oracle and rune cards end up looking up protection runes at least for now and while the cards themselves in my panic state didn’t help except Algriz which is a rune I’ve connected to, I looked at a rune app n found a bind rune for protection that I drew both on my wrist in permanent texts under where my watch sits so not noticeable but still there. I had to redraw this morning n packed permenant texts in work bag incase need to reapply during day n Plan to carry crystals in pocket during day. That has helped me feel a little more calm n protected at least for now. I’ll Have to look at the protection spells and go get some supplies as some I didn’t know what they were yet alone had.

But I really appreciate you responding to my request for advice. Its so appreciated as I do not have any one else I can ask these things where I am and to have someone be so kind and helpful to me especially being so new here and new to the practice is soo really appreciated. So thankyou for that. I think I will Definatly have a look at that link you sent and maybe make a shop list of supplies I might need to be able to try some of those. So thankyou again for your help and sending that link. The police will Definatly be a point of call if it gets to that point, But if I can do something to protect myself or man I wish I could make myself invisible at times even just to certain ppl so that they didn’t pay attention or see me that would be great but alas I’m not sure that there is a spell for that. But I will look at that link you send and see if there is anything that I can use and I might need to go get some supplies so I can try some of them. Again thankyou and Thank you for not making me feel stupid or silly for asking for help. You don’t know how much that means to me and it’s so nice to find a supportive community here so thankyou. Hope you have a great day​:cherry_blossom::rose::bouquet::hibiscus:


This is kind of simple advice @Phoenix_Fire but everything seems more intense and scarier after midnight. My advice would be to do some protection work but during the day time, do the simple spells, charge your crystals during the day, keep really busy during the day and go to sleep by 10 pm. If you find you are waking up, you can play white noise on your phone or computer (try YouTube) or keep the bathroom fan on. Having something soothing on that masks external noise may help bring you peace at night.

If you find you still have anxiety about people coming after you and you know that your home is actually secure and safe, consider talking to someone like a counselor, which you can do online or even through texts now. Getting a pet, like a dog, can sometimes make you feel safer.


Hi Mary25
Thanks for that advice unfortunatly I work far from home n I often get home at 9-10pm. I’m a night owl though my sleeps been worse lately. I’ve got counsellor n doctor etc n I’ve taken up the daily candle meditations, charge n use crystals herbal teas, trying to use the correspondences I learn here on spells 8. It is partly burn out from doing too much. Its funny spirits don’t scare me so much, I’ve worked in a place with spirits nearly 10 years n while I can work alone at night n not be bothered or spooked by them I even say hi if I hear them or they lick me in a room cause don’t want me to go. I char with them lol I know I’m weird but these ppl from a group of been in (living ppl ) had in past two years had done some seriously bad stuff. All in the name of helping me. I was gaslit n abused in various ways, assaulted in various ways including being held against will for 24 hours. They’ve left bruises both physically n emotionally. N that was when I was one of their group. I know not all ppl are like that from that type of faith but they were not on control n have sent ppl harassing vulnerable ppl at their homes for leaving. I’d hoped they lost interest or sight of me but I don’t fear strangers on the streets. Usually it’s the people I know n trusted that hurt me the most. That’s why them knowing where I live n knowing what theyv e done to me N others that I fear them coming after me but without proof I can’t go to police, without seeingbthem there or who was banging on doors or sitting in cars.I can’t be sure it’s t them. I keep thinking I am finally safe n can move on with my life then stuff like this happens. I did tell psych bout it, cover all bases. I did also draw protection runes on my skin under my watch so it was there but not noticeable they’d have more reason to come after me if they knew I was pagan or practicing magic, they did those things before when I was a Christian n living that life. I knew something was different I could sense energy n spirits but didn’t know what it meant… But even a panic attack to them was seen n treated as demon possession. They saw psychology as crap. N of the world n not of God (their god) I know not all Christians are that way but being some one vulnerable to further abuse or assaults due to past traumas, it seemed I became an easy target to try control manipulate n take advantage of. I’ve got alot of the bases covered. The night doesn’t normally bother me, though I understand for some ppl it would, but if I saw one of those ppl in the light of day I’d be just as terrified. I guess I just wondered if there was anything else I could do to protect myself beyond what already doing. Or even help me feel a lil safer. But subtle enough I could carry without drawing attention to myself more esp if I ran into any of these ppl cause even tge kidnapping it took two years tomeven find out tgats what theyd done vause they acted like they were driving a way demons (alot of gaslight and grooming) when telling a person in panic attack (been abused in church before so I found it extremely triggering) that they are being possessed by demons is worse thing can do. Kidnapping n holding against will as a Christian in their church for 24 hourd and all the rest ppl from there did all in the name of help n lobe n care but then they found couldn’t control me any more or I spoke out against the assault n ppl turned on me. I lost my faith but found a new one. A new path n deities that actually care about me n wan t to spend time with me. N protect or teach me etc. I’m worth something to them. My new path is giving such comfort n suddenly understand and like I’d finally came home. But that makes me fear those ppl more if they did that when I was one of them what would they do if they knew what path I was on, even if I’m better off for it.

As for my home n safety the face they know where I live is one thing, they’ve driven me home, several of ppl from.thar church. The assault also happened in n y home. I wish I could have actual pets but I rent. But I do have deities that have animals associated to them or that they are that are protective by nature, they just arnt physical like pets n I call them my clan or guardians…I’ve only been onntjis path a shirt time since late last year. I see it as a positive but I know they should not n seeing my experiences and that of others I know who left. I hope they would leave me be but I feel I want to or need to put protections in place to help protect myself. I don’t wish them any I’ll will or harm. I just wish or need for them to leave me alone to walk my new path and heal from what they had done. N not have my health torn apart out of fear that they will come after me. The one thing I’ve noticed from abuse n assault for so long is that ppl took control n safety from me. I felt a loss of power n helpless in those situations. I feel magic n my new path gives me some of that empowerment and confidence back, it can help me love n care for myself again n learn my worth n to trust my intuition again. But I’m still new n there’s still so much for me to learn. N I love the process of learning. Its just being put in a position of needing to protect myself but not know how yet that was hard.

I love your practical ideas n many things I do, we are in summer here so a fan always on n yeah some stuff is like to try during the day if I can but I do rely alot on lunar and star energies n my work and schedule makes that hard but please know I appreciate all your suggestions. Its so appreciated n that ppl on here being so nice and helpful is wonderful. So thankyou I think in some of the protection or other spells may be I need to figure out the protection spells I need n get ingredients so I know what is used for what. But yeah again thankyou so much for your advice. I really wish I could have a pet to be honest but renting makes that hard, but maybe I’ll try do some of my protection spells during day on days I don’t work once figure out which ones to use. So again thankyou for your advice n kindess. Its so appreciated.


You’re welcome, my dear! I’m just sad I couldn’t help more. But it’s not silly to ask for help, it’s silly to go about knowing you need help and refusing to ask for it. It took me a long time to learn that and it’s still an ongoing lesson.

I hope one or more of those spells will help you. Mostly what you’ll need is salt and a white candle, maybe some sage or palo santo. You can find that at your local metaphysical shop or Amazon. Maybe some black tourmaline might help you, it’s not too expensive on Amazon.

Hopefully, something will help you feel more comfortable in your own home. It’s your space, you need to claim it! Good luck!


Warm greetings @Phoenix_Fire,

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear about what you are going through. It sounds like you have experienced some horrible things and no one could blame you for being afraid after what you’ve been through.

Getting professional help is a great step in the right direction, Danni- I hope that those you have connected with are helping you find ways to stay safe, manage stress and anxiety in healthy ways, and move on the path towards healing :pray:

I can tell that you have a lot on your shoulders (and on your mind) weighing you down at the moment- it sounds like, in addition to medical help, you are also taking other important mundane steps to secure your safety. Good for you! :hugs: Would it be possible to relocate again- somewhere further away? I also think Mary’s idea about getting a pet (if your housing situation allows it) is a great thing- pets help with not only protection, but also therapy and peace of mind. If you can’t relocate again, could you do more to secure your apartment- such as install a deadbolt lock and add extra locks to your windows? :window: :door: :closed_lock_with_key:

As for magickal methods of protection, it sounds like you have found plenty of resources on the main site :+1: I would also suggest setting up magickal barriers- I wrote more about possible ways to do so in this post here.

You’ve got lots of good advice above, Danni- please know that you are in my thoughts and I pray you can find the protection and security you are seeking!

Good luck and many blessings! :sparkles::shield:


Thank you so much. I’m just loving this community n how supportive it is. And so many suggestions I can try. I had hoped to ease into spell work as I was nervous bout getting it wrong n something backfiring esp as so new to the craft and I didn’t want to feel I had to jump straight in because of a sudden actual need for a specific spell esp protection as safety is not something I’ve known. But I feel so welcome here n so many different ideas and perspectives and things to try and people just coming together to support each other. Its a beautiful thing and I appreciate everyone’s suggestions and supports I will Definatly check out that link and try some of these protection spells. I’m currently brewing my daily tea which is the hibiscus tea. I love how can take each day at a time and find ways to incorporate practices and rituals and learn about correspondences as I go. One thing I’ve found Freya had been telling me is I need to take care of myself better as I’ve been burning out and the teas are a good way to not only meditate but also do a bit of self care n love as well as get those good medicinal aspects into my body as well. I’ve been so excited to learn correlation but is been taking my time. Focusing on days or moon cycles. But now I guess my next step may be actually having to look at need based spells such as protection spells but can I ask, is there anything I might need to be careful of, like i dont want to have a spell back fire if I make a mistake or mess it up and have opposite effect. Again thanks so much for tge advice and suggestion and support not only you Travel witch but so many others habe shown. I am a solitary witch, if i can call myself one yet after such short a time but I don’t have ppl to ask around me, but I’ve found reaching out here has been so accepting and understanding and supportive. So thankyou travelwitch and everyone for being so supportive. I have some new things to try and that gives some hope in a time when too often have felt helplessness and terror. I’m now feeling encouraged, supported and a lil empowered, something that had been taken away from me in the past so again thankyou :rose::bouquet::hibiscus::two_hearts:


You are very welcome, Danni- I am very happy if some of the suggestions and advice were helpful for you! :heart: It sounds like you are finding your rhythm and comfort within your Craft, and that is wonderful- take it at your own pace and continue to experiment until you find the magickal activities and aspects that resonate best with you :blush:

That is very wise advice from Freya- I am glad that you have such a warm and loving deity looking out for you, Danni! Magickal teas are a wonderful (and probably my personal favorite) way to meditate and add a touch of extra magick into your daily routine :tea::sparkles:

If you’d like, Danni, we hold a weekly group tea ritual meditation here in the forum- there is one every Thursday and you are warmly invited! The ritual is shared for all to enjoy on their own time as we are all spread across different time zones, however, for those willing and available, there is a live Zoom meet to chat over tea that runs for about an hour. The ritual is held over in A Sacred Space (a more private part of the forum for active coven members- please make sure you are logged in in order to access it!)

There are also the Guided Tea Meditations on Spells8 that are wonderful and explore many different types of herbs teas with both magickal and medicinal benefits- if you haven’t already found, I highly recommend checking them out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And finally, the “Self Care” Tag here in the forum leads to a collection of resources and spellwork for those exploring self care in magick :people_hugging: :sparkles:

I hope things continue to look up for you, Danni! Good luck and blessed be! :heart:

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Just to let you know I had come up with a protection spell, not one with candles but it had been something I put together one day when I got desperate I felt something was really wrong n not having black candles or anything other that what I had and alot of resources from this site ( so grateful for all of that by the way). . I ended up with a herbal/spice mix with sea salt and pink Himalaya salt and then elements that associated with protection, wellbeing etc. I got so excited that I found so many correspondences that I had for things and mixed them all together.i used things in both the herbs and spices as well as other elements that represented each of my deities. I felt they were working together to help me which was so encouraging. The salt/herb/spice mixture at the bottom with a stone circle around a bay leaf, feather and star anise and some shards of Amerthyst from a candle I’d had n it was a crystal candle. I think a few other things were in there. I have one pot, I used a mini baking pot. It was small enough to work. I have one by front door and one by back door and one in jar on altar n one lil jar in my bag that carry with me. I also have a little sachet bag, like that meshy stuff that’s see through with specific crystals for protection and grounding n calming and self love n confidence and star anise. I just love the smell of that n what it looks like n it’s correspondence. I felt like I had arms of protection care and love and acceptance wrapped around me when I was finished making it and had put it in each container n I’ve felt protected since they have been in place. I’ll still like to eventually get black candles but I was able to use what I had n the resources from spells 8 to help figure out what to add by what correspondences n benefits of each herb n spice n other items. So I’m grateful for spells 8 for making these resources available n just wanted to let you guys know I had come up with something that seems to be working. I’m not sure if I need to charge these jars or pots up by moon regularly or not. I did charge them by the moon at the time but it was just before the first quarter moon, would it be worth (If it needs to be charged regularly to put out to charge during full moon? There’s one very soon. I can see moon getting bigger each night. It’s exciting to see it grow n shrink n seem to be gone then come back. Even since being on this path ( a very shirt time) watching or looking at the moon has so much more meaning and significance than just being cool to look at or whatever connection I’d had before.


Thanks for checking in, Danni- I’m so glad to hear you’ve found a protection method that is working for you! :blush:

How often to charge depends largely on the situation- some environments put more strain and drain spellwork/tools faster than other environments. I would recommend that you pick up your protection pot and sit with it for a few minutes- does it still feel like the energy is strong, or do you feel that it is weakening? When in doubt, it never hurts to charge it up! :full_moon_with_face:

Yes- the Full Snow Moon of February is tomorrow and that is a wonderful time to charge spellwork and tools! :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be! :grinning:


I’m not sure about the energy of the pots but I had some random fully threaten me on my way home on the bus. He was going on about how his brother had threatened a politician and he was his little brother and how his brother was ex cia and ex military n that this guy was like level 10 kgb. I don’t even know what that means or what his problem was but I spent the next few hours travelling home in tears and almost panic. Had to take some anxiety medication to calm down a bit. So as soon as got home I put all jars n pots out n crystals from day. I figured if I do the night before, night of and night after full moon maybe give extra boost. I don’t know. I’m in australia and we are summer so I think we are a different moon. Stergean?? Not sure if spelt right. I wish we had snow. But we don’t get snow where I am. I wish I could build a snowman. But yeah I’m charging everything under moon n stars atm n will do next two nights. But it’s travelling on bus and trains I’m worried about. I reported the guy to security guards n they said can report to public transport so they can maybe do something. But I feel I need to up my travel protection so tonight though it’s been a long day of work and overtime and picking up studf for work after then several hours trip home n that trip on bus being fully threatened n it’s 11.30ish pm here. But I’m going to look up correspondences and tommorow I plan to go get black candles and maybe some other things might need to protect self and help with other situations going on. I had first strangers in house yesterday (plumber n electrician) since the attack and I didn’t have any issues. Maybe they are still working but I think charging under full moon and day before n after could help even if just to recharge it for another month…
As my mum pointed out " you attract the dodgy ppl don’t you". I called my dad after it happened to let him know n must of been on speaker phone…But I feel Maybe I need to look at what I can do to fix that. I was minding own buisness but I think he was threatening everyone else too before got on bus outside my work. Maybe I need to look at stuff that repels negative energy. Like bug spray except for dodgy ppl lol. I think I’m still a bit in shock. But I know it’s not a day correspondent to white but I’m burning 3 white tea lights n the purple ones. But I might also make chamomile tea for calm n make a list of things I need to get along with black candles. N practical step is to get taken off closes cause sometimes don’t leave till nearly 8-9pm when I started at 9.30 in morning n then it takes hour n half to get there. This incident has given me determination to try anything to better protect myself. I really wish I could make myself invisible sometimes. Not necessarily like invisible like movies but like so I’m not noticed by ppl with ill intentions but I’m not sure that’s possible. But here I go on another exploration if what I can do to protect myself n also I need to remove negative energies after being around toxic situations n ppl. I need to make a list n see what spells there are that might help n tommorow I’ll need to go get what I need. So candles, crystals. . . Hmm I’m.not sure what else may need but I’m going to spend some time having a look. N come up with a plan. Any one know how crystal grids work? Do they work even if your not directly near them. It was just a thought if there was a grid could make but if only affects me while around crystal grid it won’t help while traveling to and from work. But I thought I’d ask. I’m still so new n soo much to learn.


Goodness I’m so sorry to hear about the threat on the bus- that sounds scary! I’m glad you got home safe and sound :pray: Yes, you can absolutely charge under the Full Sturgeon Moon (and the moon ritual for the Sturgeon Moon is for dissolving negative energies- you might be interested!) :fish::full_moon_with_face:

It sounds like you are doing a lot of exploration with protective work- I hope you can find many spells, rituals, and methods that you enjoy, Danni!

Crystal grids are very popular- I’m not an expert myself, but there are plenty of discussions about crystal grids in the forum that can help you!

I know @Christina4 is a master, and she shared this very helpful post that can help you get started:

Good luck and blessed be, Danni! :sparkles:


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