Q on compounding Moon water for multi-full Moons

Hi - Question. How effective would the Moon water be if the same water is used to charge on multiple full Moons? I have a good amount of Moon water left over from the last full Moon charge, and I charged it again for this full Moon. How will the compound Full charges affect the water and importantly it’s use for practices, rituals, and such? I was think of allocating some water and to charge it for every full moon for the year, does it do anything? Will it harness the Full moons power more or not or will the energy just be a mess and better to do it cycle by cycle with fresh uncharged water?

What are your thoughts and/or experiences on this?


Liking this and following the question because I want to know the answer, too.


Same. That’s a good question? I don’t know if it really would impact it honestly. Because just like batteries eventually even if they are unused over time they’ll lose charge I would think so charging it on the next full moon I would think would just charge it back to :100:. But I’m not sure if there is even a *cap" on charge levels​:thinking:
Though, now it has me rethinking my decisions on adding unlisted ingredients with same Intentions to my workings to boost success chances.


Greetings @Eliza_01!

This is a fantastic question- and one that had me pondering for a bit before I found my answer.

If we’re talking about just general full moon energy, then I’d agree with what @phoenix_dawn said- if you feel something (moon water, in this case) is fully charged and you plug it back into the charger (so to say lol), well, it’s not going to get any more charged that it already is :battery: .

However, many witches view each of the 13 full moons of the year as having unique energies. The Full Sturgeon Moon yesterday, for example, carried the energies of decrease and banishment- traits not usually associated with the Full Moon that were unique to the August moon.

For those that seek the unique energies of each moon in their moon water, then I think absorbing the water of multiple full moons would perhaps cancel out contradicting traits- the full moon of new beginnings would cancel with a moon of banishment :thinking:

However- if someone were to charge their water under all 13 full moons of the year, then I feel like that water would take on an entirely new property, unique from the traits of the individual moons themselves. Moon Water of all 13 Full Moons could represent a complete cycle of the year- some incredibly powerful moon and time energy :full_moon:

13 Moons Moon Water could thus be used for: moon magick, time magick, spellwork dealing with the year, rituals related to the seasons, enhancing spellwork

This is all hypothetical, as I have never charged moon water for 13 full moons in a row. If anyone has (or does)- then please share your experience, I would love to hear about it! :pray::star_struck:

Thanks again to welcome for such a great and thought-provoking question! :heart:


Oh yes, I have a big hug of 13 moons moon water. I just never used it lol that’s only because I haven’t thought of anything it could be used for. I read an article somewhere about it but I meant to research more and find a ritual that had a purposeful intention for me. But I have you now :laughing: you’re amazing! I had no idea it could be used for spell work dealing with the year 🤦 I could have used that when I felt I had a perfect opportunity. Now I have more knowledge. I don’t wanna go into something that I’m not :100: sure of.
Thank you for helping me :blush:


My personal belief is each moon has it’s own unique energies… not just full moons either. Did you know you can charge moon water under any moon phase? Each phase has it’s own unique energies too.

Some moons have a chaotic energy to me, so I personally would never charge a “calm” energy moon water with a ‘chaotic’ energy moon water - but that’s my own personal way and belief.

What it boils down to is, I started listening to my intuition. I stopped fighting it and BAM magick happens. :smiley:


@SilverBear thats what I think too lol. For me simple is better. Each moon each herb or stone all have their own energy and purpose. Mixing to many just seems to muddy things up for me. Going with the less is more theory has always served me well.


As mentioned, it could just not be the most effective, as each moon phase has its own unique properties and it could just cancel out, that makes sense. The Full moon power lasts so long, like a battery, needs to be re-charged @phoenix_dawn

Also, as @TheTravelWitch_Bry mentioned, could be used for rituals and spells

Thank you for this!

Wow, nice. If you end up using it, let us know what feelings and effect it has please!

Right now, don’t know or have any information to contribute, but I will definitely think this through, do some research, and if anything will share it here.


The energies could clash and cancel out with each other out. Moon phases are very unique, with special properties and energies for that specific phase and time.

Personally, I have yet to charge water for any other Moon phase asides from the full Moon. I’m eyeing that as well. Spells8 here has some very good information on this, so looking forward to!

Hear you! Less is more, it could be same with mixing so many crystals together. Makes sense definitely!


First I want to say what a great question! I’m always curious about some of the ‘technical’ workings of magick.

Next, while each moon does have certain energies that it is especially good for, I see them like apples. Some apples are better for different purposes and each has its own flavor, but all apples have many of the same qualities. While this moon was especially useful for decrease and banishmment, that does not mean that it won’t be useful for other, even seemingly contradictory spells, intentions and purposes.

There has always been the question of how long Moon water remains charged. I can’t answer that for you and perhaps 13 Moons water is the way to go there though it is hard for me to see how one charge can remain when then charged by another Moon (not saying it can’t happen). What intrigues me is the idea of 13 separate jars of water, one for each Moon, which are then combined according to the special properties of each. So perhaps combining Moons that decrease…? But how to preserve Moonwater to keep it fresh and charged?

I have no expertise in any of this, just a curious mind.


@Undomeher you bring up a great question! I have Moon Water charged under a full moon, but its been a while since I have charged it. I honestly can’t remember which moon it is from either.

I would be interested in how long a charge lasts & when it should be refreshed. I also wonder the same things about salt water. I have some from the Atlantic Ocean because I live within walking distance of beaches on the coast.


I actually did know this. I usually make moon water for each phase especially if we happen to get a thunderstorm during the phase because to me it feels like it would be enhanced with energy from the storm as well as the lunar energies.




@Undomeher I typically just put my moon water back out under the next full moon to recharge it like I would my phone because the energy is available again. I do it with each phase I make my water in. I just make sure to put it back out during the same phase as the original phase it was made under and I bring it in before the sun comes up. I don’t worry about which full moon is banishing and which one restores etc because full moons are supposed to have the energies to cast any type of spell so that all purpose energy is what I’m soaking in. However if I made it on a super moon like in April, may and June this year I would only put those super moon waters back out under another super moon. As far as preserving it goes I would think that it should be stored in a cool dark area where it can’t be exposed to sunlight (personally I have a cabinet placed near the ac in my room and I keep some in the crisper drawers in my refrigerator… I have no proof that it keeps it charged longer but it makes sense to me since you’re supposed to bring it in before dawn’s light hits it. :woman_shrugging:t3: That’s just my theory but I’m still new to this myself so if someone more experienced has a better answer please jump in and share :grin:
I also treat charging my crystals the same by charging them monthly because even if I don’t use them as often they still would eventually lose charge and still come into contact with residual garbage that is tracked in on our bodies from the outside areas and given we typically take our circles down around our altars after completing our work they aren’t really protected from negative energy once the circle comes down if that makes sense.

@Siofra_Strega I put labels on my bottles before I set them out or I will set the bottle on top of the paper so that I can remember to label it when I bring it in. On my label I include what phase the moon was in, the date, whether or not I had infused it with crystals and which type I used and if it was sea water or just plain water (I don’t live near an ocean but I do have a bit of dead sea salt that I keep and occasionally should I need sea water mix up a little to charge under the moon.) I also will do sun water as well and label it as solar water and if it was sea water and what/if any crystals were used.

But in reference to properties and charges cancelling each other out now the question has come to my mind… If moon water is left out and you don’t bring it in before daylight does the solar energy cancel out the lunar energy or does it combine and make something else entirely. I forget where I heard it but I encountered a witch once that said she called it celestial water because she felt it had both energies and was stronger than water of either type alone. I have 1 jar of “celestial” water that I forgot to bring in before day light but I never have tried to use it for anything honestly because I’ve never heard any other opinion on whether or not it has a use. :woman_shrugging:t3:


Thank you! I should really do that also. Usually I’m pretty good about keeping track of these things. But I store the water where light can’t get to it along with my sea water. So it kind of just stays there until I use it, which hasn’t been very often in the last 6 months or so. When I make the next one though in my new bottle, I will definitely add a label.


Yeah, I have a closet that I keep mine in, I should keep my limited crystal collection in there as well when I am not using it. I have heard that the reason for not letting the sunlight touch your Moon water is that it does de-charge it. I have not heard of celestial water.


Neither had I that’s why I hadn’t used it yet but given that someone did suggest it as a possibility I decided to hold on to it just in case. Knowing my luck I’d dump it out and the next day someone would announce that they’d discovered a use for it :rofl: I thought about possibly trying to compose something to try it out on myself as a sorta witchy science experiment but I haven’t been confident enough to actually write my own spells (aside from the potion I made for my mother for nerve and joint pain) yet despite the fact that I typically tweak any spell I cast from it’s original version to fit my intentions… I usually have a base concept to work from. Writing my own spell AND trying an unknown ingredient… I’d have no idea what to expect from that :rofl: I’d rather not chance it myself… At least not yet :woman_shrugging:t3:


Lol, our luck is the same! I do sometimes write or tweak my own spells, but I always include “fine print” - basically time limits and words of reversal like “This spell hold sway for a Moon and a day” or ) until I say “Guacamole Incantamentum Deleo!” (I destroy the guacamole spell. And yes I just made that up). Because like you, my luck sometimes isn’t so lucky. Also make sure to include “An it harm none, else this spell is undone” or two.


Same :rofl: or if it could affect people around me I do as @MeganB suggested to me once “if their higher self is open to receive it” gets worked into it somewhere that way the spell will just have no affect on them if they decline the invitation so to speak :laughing:


Like that, for each Moon phase, going to reserve some water in a small mason jar, date it, and tuck it in the back of the refrigerator, there are times of the year, that I need to perform certain spells and would like to use the full Moon power from another month that correlates, or I might get a little creative and take a tablespoon of each and create some sort of medley cocktail concoction. Imo, I feel the charge should last for 13 Moons? Could make sense, there are other times of the year that in people’s lives that call for banishment, or renewal, abundance, luck, love, etc. Keep it somewhere dark and cold, like with creams and ointments and batteries, store it in a dark and cool/cold place, maintain the longevity of the active ingredients? Then whatever is left over on the 13th phase, use it to perform some annual ritual to celebrate, give thanks as mentioned by @TheTravelWitch_Bry , that sounds very pretty? Take a bath with it maybe?