Quartz Formations: Barnacle Crystal 🔮

Barnacle Crystals

Identification: this formation is a crystal with many smaller crystals or crystal cluster growing along one or more of it’s sides (mimicking barnacles growing on a ship’s hull).

Properties: these crystals are great for de-cluttering (physically and mentally). They’re also perfect for detoxifying the physical body and for cellular and DNA level repair. Additionally, they can help you see the truth in a deceiving situation, helping you realize that not all that glitters is gold. They’ve been known to enhance fertility (of the physical body and of ideas) and have been used to instill trust in relationships or between family members. During meditation, these crystals teach important lessons about non-attachment and letting go of your connection to people and things. They facilitate the realization that you’re more than the things you own or the people you know. These crystals create some perspective about your role in the universal dance.

Out of the hundreds of quartz that I have, here’s the only Barnacle Crystal I own: