Quartz Formations: DOW Crystals 🔮

DOW Crystals
Other Names: Trans-channeler crystals, temple heart DOW crystals, sometimes incorrectly known as Dowsing crystals.

Identification: The crystals are identified by their 7-3-7-3-7-3 formation. This means that each of the crystals 6 faces have either 7 or 3 edges (alternating).

Properties: Using this crystal helps is to dissolve the boundaries between your inner and outer world, helping you to realize that you are one with everything in the universe. These stones balance your mind, body and spirit.

They also help you recognize your own divine nature and can facilitate your spiritual growth and connection with divine energy. They’re also great for balancing the chakras and for removing energy blockages from the body. They can be used in meditation with amazing results! DOW crystals connect you with the principles of sacred geometry and assist your understanding of this language of the universe. These crystals make great companions for healers because they promote service to others and compassion for all of humanity.

Notes: Sometimes the 3-sided triangular faces that make up the termination (the point) are so small that they’re difficult to see. This relatively uncommon crystal formation was named for Jane Ann Dow (channeler and crystal healer). All DOW crystals are transmitting crystals but not all transmitting crystals are Dow’s.

:gem: I’m so excited to show you my Dow’s! First the 3-side:

Here’s the 7-side:

It’s so hard to get the right lighting. Here’s a bigger Dow:

See how tiny that last one is. (The 3-sided face.)
And here’s another one:

:gem: Do you have any Dow’s??