Quartz Formations: Elestial Crystals đź”®

Elestial Crystal’s
Other Names: Heavenly crystals, Jacare crystals, alligator, elestiated, crocodile, integration and enchanted crystals.

Identification: Elestial’s can be identified by the small, multiply-terminated crystals growing on the body (sides) of a larger crystal or crystal cluster, where all of the smaller crystals are growing parallel to the base or main crystal.

Properties: These crystals have a very ethereal energy and are great for enhancing meditation, shamanic journeying and astral travel. They’re intense energetic amplifiers and can be used to increase your connection to your spiritual self.

Elestial crystal’s help to eliminate confusion about your soul path and guide you toward your purpose. They also assist you in understanding all sides of a complex issue and are very useful for making decisions under difficult circumstances. In addition, they help you find a place of balance between the heart and mind so that you can make your decision with both compassion and logic. Elestial crystal’s are sometimes associated with the Hindu deity Shiva. This formation is also useful for encouraging you to become more fluid and flexible. More than anything else, these crystals are wisdom-keepers and will share their knowledge with you during meditation and spiritual work.

Notes: These crystals are sometimes thought of as the “bones of the earth”.

My elestial quartz with blue carbon phantoms:

My skeletal elestial the inside has copper (copper inclusions):

Here’s the top of that: