Quartz Formations: Lunarian Crystals 🔮

Lumerian Crystals

Other Names: Lemurian Seed Crystals, Lemurian Starseed Crystals

Identification: These are most commonly found as very clear, single crystal points (though are also rarely found as clusters)
that display beautiful striations (horizontal grooves or lines) along the sides of the crystal. The sides of the crystals most commonly alternate between smooth and horizontally striated/grooved sides.

Properties: These crystals can be used to connect you to the ancient civilization of Lemuria (also known as Mu) and the esoteric wisdom of this culture. It is thought by some people that the Lemurians intentionally programmed important information into these crystals for the benefit of future civilizations and
that the crystals would be discovered when that information was needed. These people believe that the grooves on the sides of the crystals (sometimes called barcodes) store ancient information that has been programmed or downloaded into the crystals by the Lumerian masters and teachers.

Just about all of my Quartz are Lumerian. But, here are a few:

The last one was a good one!!!


Beautiful crystals @christina4


Thank you!!


Very interesting. I wonder if I can make a connection with Lunarians with one of those crystals. :thinking:
Where you bought it @christina4 ?
This are the kind of things that I love to do.


That’s where the name comes from. Sorry I didn’t add that. It’s said that the lines hold the information and messages from the lost continent of Lumeria. By rubbing your thumb over the lines will help reach these messages during meditation or just simply by moving your thumb over the lines.
Oh, I bought it from Frank and Kendall aka That Camping Couple on eBay. They always give freebies! They’re really good people!