Quartz Formations: Self-Healed Crystals 🔮

Self-Healed Crystals

Other Names: Hera Crystals, Hera Bottomed Crystals and Re-Healing Crystals

Identification: This formation is tiny, triangular crystal points growing along what used to be a broken surface of the crystal. These tiny crystals grow over the exposed portion of the break, “healing” the broken surface of the crystal.

Properties: These crystals are used for any kind of self-healing work, especially for enhancing self-love. They’re also great for those who are suffering feelings of “burn-out” at their jobs (especially for healers, care givers, nurses, counselors, etc). Additionally, they can enhance work where compassion and empathy are needed for healing others. These crystals are reminders that we’re all perfect beings, even when we have been damaged in the past- we are capable of becoming whole and healthy once again.

Here’s the best self healed that’s big enough for a picture: (there’s so many angles that I couldn’t show them all)

My self healed herkimer diamond (still a quartz):

Too hard to capture the healing lol

Here’s a better one:

My favorite self healed! This one helped me heal myself!

Here’s the front:


@christina4 that is so cool. I did not know anything about that. Thanks for sharing the information. I’m pretty sure I really need one of those :grimacing:. I will add it to my list lol.