Quartz Formations: Window Crystals 🔮

Window Crystals

Other Names: Diamond Crystals. Known as a Double Diamond Crystal when there are two window formations, one above the other, on a Double Terminated crystal.

Identification: These crystals are identified by an extra diamond-shaped facet located just below the main crystal face where the face meets the sides of the crystal.

Properties: The extra face is like a window to the self, the consciousness, or the soul. It also acts as a mirror to promote self-reflection. You can access this info through meditation by holding the diamond-shaped facet over your third eye chakra. These crystals can help you discover your soul path and gather knowledge from the Akashic Records about your spiritual journey. They’re ok me of the best companion crystals for difficult or challenging personal growth work. They’ve also been known to stimulate clairvoyance and make excellent scrying tools. Additionally, they’re helpful for balancing the spiritual aspects of yourself with the physical aspects, allowing for ease of integration between the two.

Here’s the only window crystal I can find at the moment:

One more time :grin: it’s also an adularia, which basically means feldspar…the shiney in labradorite, moonstone and amazonite. This adularia is polka dotted: