Query bout this section

Sorry maybe it’s serious lack of sleep n heat exhaustion (we deep in summer today n been working in sun all morning) but what exactly is energy exchange? Is it like doing spells for other ppl who need help with stuff. Or actual an energy exchange if ppl live close by (nor sure how that works either but only thoughts I had on what might be. ) I’ve only been exploring this for a few months so I’m very very new to the craft n even newer to this site. Wondered if could ask what this section was. I’m always up for helping other ppl if I can not sure if I know how yet as so new n still learning but even supporting other ppl like ppl have done for me being so supportive n welcoming to me. I just wasn’t sure what this was and thought may I should ask. So sorry if it’s a stupid question. Hope everyone’s well :rose::bouquet::hibiscus::two_hearts:


Good morning @danni1 the energy exchange is when someone here needs some extra love, light, healing, positive energy because of something that they have in their personal lives going on, so if you were sick or going through something, a family member needs help.

Members of Infinite Roots (the forum) will assist with those requests.

So for instance if I wanted because I am going through some hard & heavy stuff right now while grieving my mother, I could put a post in the energy exchange for love, light, positivity, virtual hugs… some people will do candle rituals some, some people use spoken or written word, it all depends on the person giving back to the requestor.


In an energy exchange I light a white candle every morning and while meditating send energy, strength and endurance.
I’ve rarely asked for strength, but whenever I did, I promise you within a few days I felt renewed. With that and the love these wonderful people send me all the time? I will more than get by, I’ll be alright!
thank you for everything
and right back at cha’


@Siofra You know I’m virtually hugging you each day. I know the burden of grief is a heavy one, but just so you know it’s been such a bittersweet moment to witness you coming through the fog of it all with your head held high and your shoulders anchoring the struggles ever so strongly. I see the effort, the hard work, and the progress.