Question about being a normal non-Wiccan witch

Can you practice some Wicca traditions, spells, rituals, prayers/devotions to any deities while not being an initiated Wiccan or wanting to be initiated into Wicca but wanting to practice some of the stuff from Wicca and just being a normal, general witch practicing witchcraft? (sorry if it’s a confusing question)


I would look into Druidry (Druid) that might fit what you are looking for.

Druid Basics Part 1


I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. You can be a solitary eclectic witch and be Wiccan. Not everyone has a coven that can initiate them.


Yes, lots of Wiccans and other Witches are not initiated. It isn’t a problem. Non-initiated Wiccans can and do have genuine, transformative relationships with God/dess.

Generally speaking, initiation is a rite that brings you into a specific coven or tradition. Wicca is not a closed practice as there are no rules in Wicca regarding that. However, there might be specific Wiccan covens that have such rules.

Yes, you don’t have to label yourself “Wiccan” or anything other than what you choose. And then again, there are many types of Wiccans and many different types of witches too :mage: :woman_mage:


Greetings, @Carter! :blush:

That’s a great question- and I agree with what others have said here!

I personally do not identify as Wiccan, but rather as an “Eclectic Witch” who draws on and uses aspects from many different branches of witchcraft, religions, philosophies, and spiritualities. I majored in Global Studies in university and I love to travel :world_map: - so it was only natural for me that my love for learning and exploring carried through into my magickal practice.

Each practitioner sets their own borders and rules- and you can always change your mind to devote yourself wholly to one practice, or move to something that works better for you whenever you wish.

My best advice to you on how to feel comfortable and secure in your witchy identify is to explore all the options out there, and see what does or doesn’t call to you! :compass: :grin: Take a look at different pantheons from throughout history, talk in the forums with witches of different paths, and dig into course content and the weekly witchy challenges to learn about and experiment with new aspects of magick :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkling_heart:


Everybody has such great advice!!! I’m not sure that I can add any more good advice lol just be yourself and research.


I feel like as long as you are practicing & it’s what feels right to you & resonates with you then you are fine. I would say that I am an eclectic witch & not necessarily Wiccan.


Hello Carter! :wave:

You’ve gotten some great advice here so far. I would just like to add that Wicca is a religious belief system while witchcraft is not (usually). You can practice witchcraft without being Wiccan :partying_face: This is where I fall. I am an eclectic witch and an Irish-focused Celtic Pagan → definitely not Wiccan.

As far as practicing some of the Wiccan practices, that should be okay. You won’t have access to any sort of initiatory information. This is because most covens work under oath. Anything that takes place inside a coven is usually kept behind an oath. This goes for rituals, specific deities worshipped, and anything else they want to keep a secret.

I’m going to echo @TheTravelWitch here and say if you’re looking to work with deities, research different pantheons or Gods you may be interested in. Don’t feel like you need to squeeze yourself into a label in order to practice witchcraft. There are many videos and articles around the web (I’ve written and done a few myself, actually) that talk about different types of witches. These labels are generally just to make the witch feel more comfortable and help them find community, but no one label will mean the same thing for absolutely everyone.

All that being said → Just being a witch without Wicca is a-okay :ok_hand:


I identify publicly as a Wiccan because it’s a recognized religion according to the US government. That gives me some protection that I might not have otherwise. But I am an eclectic witch that also practices “originalist” Christianity. My practice with My Goddess is far more similar to my Christian faith than that of paganism. Not exactly a different deity but I wanted to echo what others have said that you can take facets of wicca and apply them to your personal practices.


Oki tysm!!


Tysm!! And I don’t know how ya’ll have such good advice!! I work with and follow both the Norse and Greek pantheon and I would be sure to do that!! :sob:


I mostly follow the Celtic deity Brigid. I have done Rituals or meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: for others. Such Hecate for last week’s tea.


Absolutely! :relaxed: That’s what I do myself. I find that so much of Wicca is compatible with my spiritual beliefs. I respect the practices. However, Wicca is a religion. My religion is still important to me and my cultural identity, even though there are negative aspects of it I choose not to believe or embrace, such as the idea that people are born in sin, the restrictions, etc. I feel, in a way, Wiccan practices fill in gaps that my religion does not encompass, like the emphasis on Nature. And basically, the personal agency aspect is so appealing. I feel more included and an integral part of my witchcraft practice. The energy and feel of it is more positive to me. I love that and it has deepened my connection to nature, Spirit and people in general in a loving, creative way. Maybe one day I will decide to fully comvert but for now, I blend both.