Question about candles - Candles

I wondered if you could cut off the used part of a candle and then reuse it if it wasn’t given sigils. Or, perhaps remold it and make more candles.
Just asking.

Blessed be


I say heck yeah! I’m all for sustainability and using what you have. I have melted down candle wax remains from half-burned candles, clippings from other candles, and completely melted entire candles to change them a little bit. If they were used in a spell I would just cleanse them before using them again. My only caveat to that would be if it was previously used in baneful workings. I would most definitely not reuse those candles at all.


I totally agree with @MeganB. I’m new to all this but I would do that as well. I have cut down a long candle for a ritual that said to wait till the candle burned all the way out, but I didn’t have enough time to wait that long. Then used the other half for something else. I like the idea of remolding the scraps. That’s a great idea.


:laughing: I do this too! If I can be thrifty with my witchy supplies & tools, I am going to do so. I think that’s when I am at my most creative. When I have to think of a different way of approaching something or substituting a part of what I am doing.


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