Question about flowers from special occasions used in practice

Hey everyone. Had a lot of life changes happen in the past few weeks. All positive for once. Lol. Those binges are always nice.

I had a question about drying store bought flowers that we’re given on special occasions. I have a few bouquets I’m currently drying out and rather than stick them in yet another decorative jar to place somewhere I’d like to do something with them in my practicing. Does anyone have any suggestions? Would the meaning and day they were given amplify anything?



I’m not one for flower magic but I don’t see why not. Or make your jar a spell jar with be them. So glad things are going well for you!


I use store bought flowers often. I will but them for my house or as an offering for me ancestors/deities. When they are almost done, I will take them and dry them to use later. They ones I use most often are sunflowers, roses, and lilies. As for if the day/event would amplify it’s intention, I would think that if you have a strong emotional attachment/memory than yes. Magick is 90% intention by the caster.


I’ve used flowers given to me or bought for special occasions in spellwork. I feel like the reason they were given or bought can definitely lend energy to the spell you use them for. Maybe you can create a decorative art piece with them? Or hold on to them and use them in corresponding spells? I think my friend Heather did a video on YouTube with flower magick…let me see :thinking:


I dry store bought flowers all the time.


If the flowers have a scent you like, you can put the dried petals into a sachet as a scent sachet. They can also work as an ingredient in a sweet dreams (or other) pouch :blush: :pouch:

If the flowers were organic, feel free to sprinkle the petals into the bath, or add them into a bath salt blend (but not recommended if you think they were treated with chemicals) :bathtub: :salt:

For future flowers, pressing them flat opens up a world of new opportunities- they can decorate pages in your sacred Book, be turned into bookmarks or other crafts, or used as 2D decorations :books:

So many fun things one can do with flowers! :bouquet: I hope you’re able to find some wonderful ways to preserve yours @Mia.1 :heart:

Blessed be! :hibiscus:


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