Question about some cards I saw in a music video

Buen día a todos :slight_smile:

Something that I can’t explain yet has been happening and I need some light on this. A couple of days ago I saw in the clouds the letters D V R, I didn’t know what it meant at that moment, it didn’t resonate with anything I knew, I tried to Google it but didn’t find anything interesting.

However, today I was watching an Iron Maiden music video called “The angel and the gambler” and saw the bassist and funder of the band throwing 4 cards, 1 with the letter R, the other with D, the 3rd one with V among with a 10 of hearts. That immediately reminded me of the letter I saw in the clouds, my eyes watered and something inside me is telling me something.

I’m still learning about the tarot cards so I’m not too familiar yet, it looks like poker but it has drawings and zodiac signs. Does any of you know what it could mean? I’m attaching some images also.

In the end, he throws another card, which can be barely seen (the resolution of the video is awful, lol)

This means so much to me. I’ve been feeling a bunch of things lately and I think this is leading me to some kind of answer.

Thank you for reading and for any help!

Wishing you all a lovely Freya.


I’ve been scouring the web and trying to find this but I don’t know if it actually exists. Even using a reverse image search of the card isn’t pulling anything similar up. I’ve asked in a Discord server I’m in and I’ll let you know if anyone recognizes it!


Thanks a lot for taking a look, Megan :slight_smile:

I was looking at my Tarot cards and it looks like the last one if an Ace of Cups, I guess it’s a very customized deck, lol.

Thanks again!


It’s very possible that they just created it to go with the music video. There’s a show I watched called Horizon (I think?) about a plane that went missing. In the show, there’s a Deck of Al-Jazul that they fabricated. The art is gorgeous and I went looking to see if it was real and was disappointed to find out it was fake :laughing:


Shoot, haha. I guess I’m more interested in the letters that matched the ones I saw in the clouds. I’ll wait, search a bit more and see.


Oh, actually, I just got a reply from the Iron Maiden fan club forum and one of the guys replied with this:

"The R, D and V are standard letters on French playing cards (Roi, Dame and Valet). Looks like a normal deck with some extra attention to the drawings with Zodiac thrown in. Looks like the Grimaud 1980 set.

Link: 1980 vintage GRIMAUD France Zodiaque ZODIAC artist illustrated Playing Cards HTF | #1728948368

Never heard about that deck, but it looks fascinating!


Oh, super cool!! I’m glad you were able to find it!


WhiteFox has found the answer! :partying_face: