Question about Splitting Posts

Honestly, what’s wrong with my comment?
Would you care to explain?, because I don’t get it.
My video brujería and post on COVID anniversary were split without further explanation
I’m told as a Taurus and as a person, to learn to communicate clearly.
This works both ways!

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I believe two of these things are my fault. :frowning:

  1. The covid anniversary comment was off the topic of the music video and it needed it’s own thread so I split it. I didn’t feel it needed explanation. I am sorry.
  2. I edited out the crass joke. I handled that situation wrong.

While you admitted in a reply that it may have been too far, I should have flagged it (which would have hidden the post) and messaged you that the moderators were reviewing it. If it needed an edit, then I should have offered you the chance to do the edit or I could have done it for you at that time.

(Your question to Francisco and my response should be their own thread in site feedback, but I will let another moderator handle that decision.)

To all, I don’t want anyone to get upset at the moderators. They have a tough job to do. It’s a balance between allowing the natural flow of conversation and keeping things on track in each thread. Also, politics has been quite divisive in the flesh and bone world and it has, from time to time, spilled into our safe haven. I am still learning the correct balance of needs in our coven. To that end, I took the time to read every post ever written on here because I don’t want to harm anyone.

I will always be amazed at TheTravelWitch’s ability to get a topic back on point and to gently correct the course of the ship. I need to learn more from her.

To basil, I am sorry for not communicating in a more clear manner.


Warm greetings @Basil! :blush:

Apologies if there was some confusion- this seems like a good opportunity to explain about splitting posts into new threads :+1:

Like @praecog29 said, the Spells8 Staff Team is here to keep the forums safe and accessible for all- and part of this role is keeping the forum tidy! :broom:

In order for users to find the witchy things they need and locate threads of interest to them, we have different categories in the forum. There are currently nine public categories- each with a specific theme of what can be shared there.

As Benjamin said, when monitoring threads (especially those that veer off track from the original idea) it can be tricky to choose which category a post is best suited for! :laughing: While we largely rely on the judgement of users to choose a happy home for their posts, sometimes a moderator steps in to relocate a thread/post into a more suitable place in the forum.

There is more information about posting etiquette and general expectations for forum users in the Forum Guidelines. The Keep it Tidy section has some good tips about how to post in ways that keep the forum neat and organized :sparkles:

I hope that helped to explain why we as moderators sometimes move posts into different categories or new threads! If you ever have a question about why a post was moved or altered, you are welcome to send a private message or make a new post in Site Feedback.

Thank you very much for helping to keep the forum tidy! :pray:

Love and Light :sparkling_heart:

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How do I split a topic?
How long can be before splitting it?
Can moderators split it without getting annoyed with me?
Remember am still learning😬
Thank you for being patient with me🙏


Greetings, @Basil! No worries at all- every site has a different format, so learning curves are to be expected for new users! :+1:

To answer your question- at this time, only moderators can split a topic. We do this in order to keep threads generally on-topic, in other words- to have the discussion stay related to the original idea/topic/theme. Of course we keep in mind that some divergence is natural (such is the nature of conversation! :grin:).

When a thread begins to run on in a direction different from the main topic, Moderators step in to split threads as part of our role in keeping the forum tidy. This is so that users can easily find and follow the information and threads they want to read :open_book:

It can be frustrating for users who want to learn about an interesting topic- only to click it and see the discussion is about something entirely unrelated.

So what can users do to help keep the forum tidy? :broom:

While only moderators can split posts, users can give a helping hand by posting on-topic, in the thread that is relevant to what they want to talk about. This is very helpful in keeping the forum organized! :raised_hands:

For example, if I wanted to post about deities- I would find a relevant thread about deities (by looking through the categories or by using the search feature :mag_right:). There are many open threads to choose from!

When there isn’t a thread already open about the witchy subject a user wants to post about, then it is appropriate to open a brand new discussion. New ideas and input may spark an exciting discussion with other coven members! :blush:

A big thank you to everyone for helping to keep the forum tidy and accessible for all to enjoy! :pray:


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