Question about Wiccan Prayers

Hi all. I am new here (although not new to the craft, but sometimes I feel like a baby witch haha)

I am just wondering about the Wiccan Prayers on this site. Theres some lovely ones like the Crescent Moon prayer, or the Morning ones. However, I am not Wiccan. I do believe in some elements (such as the three fold law), but I’ve my own path, where I include Witchcraft and Celtic/Irish paganism. I’m just wondering if these Wiccan prayers are strictly for Wiccans only. If so, thats totally fine.

Thank you all so much


Hiya @Luiseach,

Seeing as you’re new to the forum. A very warm welcome to you. I’m Jess from Perth, Australia. So happy to have you here and that you have reached out to the forum. You have brought up a really great question.

I’m a very brand new baby witch myself and have only been studying the craft and practicing for a couple of months. At the moment I am reading books on the Wiccan faith but I also have books to read on traditional witchcraft too. I’m not too sure where my little yellow brick road of witchiness is leading just as yet but I am finding aspects in everything that I am reading that I like or that resonates with me.

From the sounds of things you may be leaning to the more ‘eclectic’ type of practice. Which I’m sure a lot of members in this forum would consider themselves to be, whether they consider themselves Wiccan or no. Maybe this link can explain what I mean far better than I possibly can:

If you feel called to use the Wiccan prayers on the site I see no reason why you should not be welcomed to do so. The one thing about this amazing group is that everyone is welcomed and encouraged to practice their own way and walk their own path no matter how it looks, be it straight and narrow or winding and crossed.

I’m not sure if I am totally a Wiccan just yet. I want to do far much more study to give it a fair crack. But I did perform the “Wiccan Blessing with a Feather for a Friend” from the Spells8 website for my close friend at work whom I’ve shared my witchy new way of life and she asked me to do something for her as she was worried about negative side effects from the Covid jab. So I decided on the Wiccan prayer and asked the universe for her protection. So I used the blessed feather and a tiger’s eye and clear quartz crystal to make her a little protection charm baggie. And you know what something worked. She’s had both doses and she was absolutely fine. Sorry got completely off topic there for a minute.

Hope that is of some help and looking forward to getting to know you here,



Hi @Luiseach! Welcome to the forum!

I don’t think there are any hard and fast rules as to who can pray with what prayer. Not on this site. So it’s all good! Pray away. As @jessica72 said, a lot of our members are eclectic, so no one will mind.

I hope the prayers on this site give you happiness and comfort!


My darling Luíseach. Welcome with joy and love.
What a great question. No, You do not have to be “Wiccan” to say the prayers. I also write my own. Wicca is a belief system not what I would call an organized religion, although some recognize it as such.
Some have asked here if it matters what Deity to pray to…no, after all it’s the same God/Goddess no matter how you worship, they understand.
We aren’t judgmental here, I’m a Solitary practitioner and Francisco et al, have been kind enough to let me join them in the celebration of the “craft”.
There are so many wonderful people here. We all came as seekers of knowledge and welcome you as the same.

Blessed be


Merry meet @Luiseach and thank you for your question! :heart:

Sending you warm greetings from another Eclectic Witch- as others have already mentioned, many of the folks here in the forum identify as Eclectic/non-Wiccan/Norse/Pagan/Etc. Some choose not to use any labels at all! The Spells8 forum is open to magick-lovers of all identities, so please make yourself at home here :infinite_roots: :sparkles:

While Wicca is an organized religion (meaning that it is recognized as an official religion by certain governing bodies, such as in the USA) other magickal paths have all varying levels of recognition. If you choose to follow a certain path exclusively, I would encourage you to study the rules and guidelines of that path (as some religious/spiritual paths are stricter than others).

At the end of the day, your belief system is something inside you and you have complete power over choosing what you do or don’t want to include in your practice. My best recommendation is to learn, study, and explore as much as you can! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :books: No matter if you are just starting out or years along in your path, there is always so much out there to explore and always room to grow within your practice :evergreen_tree: :sparkles:

It is a pleasure to meet you and I’m looking forward to talking with you more soon! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Well said, Miss Travel Witch, well said. Brava! (my word of the week).


Thank you very much, @Garnet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: