Questioning Negative Thoughts

Another Mindfulness Meditation :slight_smile:

Having anxiety brain, I often fall into a pattern of negative thinking. These little practices help me to stay on track and in turn help my intentions in my daily practice.


I have had anxiety & Mom brain for so long that they are now one in the same. Last week I had to work through a lot of negative thoughts and overthinking. It was very up and down with extremes on both ends. I recognized it and did my best not to get lost in the anxiety, but I spent a lot of time in my own head. I actually had to stop journaling for a little while because it was keeping me in my head.

Thank you for another lovely video! I hope you have a great day!


EXCELLENT! Thank you for this brilliant video. @SilverBear You would have cut my counseling work load… I would have had ALL my clients watch this. It is amazing how powerfully damaging negative core beliefs are and how tangled our inner dialogue is with the reinforcing lies we tell ourselves over and over. Your videos are so beautifully uplifting. Thanks for spreading the light.


Thanks for this! Every once in a while I’ll burst out the old thought pattern that I hate my life. And I don’t, it’s just an old thought tape that keeps on popping up. Hopefully this will help the next time it happens.


Maybe I should Question my negative thoughts. I never have before though. The negativity seemed appropriate at the time.


This is some very powerful mind magick, @Silverbear! :brain::sparkles: A wonderful burst of positivity and a great reminder that, with a bit of work and the right intention, it is possible to guide ourselves towards the many benefits of self-compassion :blush: Thanks so much for sharing! :heart:


They way I try to think of it, is if I wouldn’t say it to a child or my best friend, I shouldn’t say it to myself. Sometimes you have to be your own best friend.


I love this! :two_hearts: We have to spend our whole lives with ourselves- you know you better than anyone else! It’s wonderful to be your own best friend. Then you’ll always have a loyal, supportive, and loving presence no matter where you go :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: