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I just found the Rekindle Me Red Candle Passion Spell here, and I have a few questions about it. Please bear with me, I’m still new to certain types of spells.

It says to repeat this 3 times over the course of 28 days, so I keep adding honey and sugar to the glass? Also, what do I do with the ingredients after I’m done with the glass?

I’d be doing this for my relationship with my husband. I’m doing it more for my perspective, but I don’t want him finding the glass and freaking out. He’s not into witchy things. Not really sure how to keep it secret.

Edit: also, I don’t want to use a photo. Could I write our names on a paper instead?


Hi, as for the candle part… you can just say that you are lighting a candle because your lighting a candle that looks or smells nice, for another reason other than a spell if he isn’t comfortable with the witchy part of it.

You can carve your names into the candle(s) with hearts or other symbols & anoint the candle with rose oil or another of your choice. You could use one candle with your name or add items that represent your love for your husband & vice versa to the candle holders while the candle burns “for decoration”.

If you notice that the honey or sugar has dissolved some, you could add some more to it, but I don’t believe you add it every day of the spell. Kind of an as it dissolves or dissipates, add a little more or add a little more for a boost if that is what you feel is needed to complete it.

Others may have another idea for you, but those seem like they could get it through.


Ohhh this spell looks nice! :fire: :heart:

If I were to cast this spell, I would add a bit of honey and sugar to the glass every time I light the candles. You want to build on the energy of the first session so adding a bit more ingredients to it helps do that. When the spell is finished and the candles have burnt out, I would consider doing one of three things → discarding the remains of the candle in the trash, burying them somewhere on my property, or placing them in a container to keep in our room.

Also, instead of using a photo, you could use a different taglock. The photo simply ties the spell to the two of you. Other options include a piece of paper with your names and your anniversary, just your names, your names and your birthdays, etc. :heart:


Thank you @MeganB and @Susurrus for the suggestions and explanations! I never knew about the term ‘taglock’ so I appreciate the link. I might just use our names for now. Perhaps simply writing them on a candle together and going from there. Maybe adding some herbs like basil and cinnamon. (Basil for me because it relaxes me and I need to chill lol.) Oh! And I have some dried roses that he gave me for Valentine’s, maybe I’ll use a petal or two.

I have a space in our kitchen that my husband never looks at so I might put the jar / glass in there if I go with that part of the spell.

Looking forward to working on this! :fire:

Sooooo happy to be here, I’ve never been able to talk to anyone about my questions or ideas for things like this. It helps so much.


I have a few spaces within my RV like that, lol. One of which is in plain sight but he never sees things there unless I point them out. :joy: :joy:

I would do as Megan mentioned and add a little more honey/sugar to the jar each day. Doesn’t have to be a lot. As for the taglock, Megan has listed some great ideas. You can also use souvenirs from trips you went on together that made you both happy. I use a lot of alternatives because my hubby doesn’t like to take pictures so there are not many pictures of us, lol.


Thank you @Amaris_Bane !


@Melora_Fae, Yes to everything @Amaris_Bane @MeganB @Susurrus have recommended!! Remember that this spell will work with your intention, so manage it with what you feel is right and what you ultimately think is the best for your situation and then each time you think about it, relight it, or see it, re-up your intent - reconfirm, recommit, focus on that as you go about your day and you will see results! :heart:

Happy spelling!!! :cupid:


You could also put his photo in your underwear drawer. That’s a Romani spell in this book. pretty sure he won’t go rummaging around in there. I used to do that with a long-term boyfriend to keep him close.


@jan_TheGreenWitch thank you, and yes I think reaffirming it when I need to would work really well. I’d probably need to do it more often than once a week.

@mary25 that’s a good idea! And yeah I don’t think anyone would think anything of it.

I came back to update this post, I found another similar spell, but where I dress the candle in honey rather than make a jar. That might work best for me right now.

Thanks yet again for all of the support and suggestions! I plan on doing this on Friday, but I’ll do it sooner if I need to.

Edit: I only have white tea light candles, so I’ll make do. I might use cinnamon. We’ll see!


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